Best Window Vac Reviews UK 

Cleaning is the one hobby that one must always maintain in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. But for those that take cleaning a step further and want to achieve those streak free and drip free clean windows, a window vacuum is just the perfect tool! 

We have assembled 11 of the best window vacuum cleaners for you! With this at hand, you can take cleaning to the very next level and maybe even higher! 

Top Window Vac Reviews UK

1. Kärcher Window Vac WV 

This device is the effortless way to streak free cleaning of those untidy windows and tiles! This window Vac has been designed to be lightweight as well as compact to make working easier for you. It has a 250 mm wide cleaning head. It has a tidal runtime of 20 minutes. This gives you just enough time to lean windows, shiwer screens, tiles and other surfaces! 

The Vac is rechargeable with a lithium ion battery. It can clean upto 55 m² with just one charge. It also comes with a container that’s easy to empty without any contact with the dirty water for you! 

2. TECCPO Window Vac

The TECCPO window vac can clean an area of around 105 m² with a single charge. This is equal to around 33 windows. It also comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery that runs for a good 30 minutes. It also has a 280 mm suction nozzle with a really strong suction power. With this you can easily clean a large area without leaving any streaks! 

It also comes with an attached spray bottle which has a microfiber mop cover with a capacity of 300 ml. The nozzle also can switch between three modes to give you a better performance for your various needs. The anti drip system in the device prevents leakage in all directions so you can use the device comfortably with any sort of orientation. 

The window cleaner head is also removable along with the microfibre mop so you can easily clean it. Also, the 70 ml water tank provided for the dirty water can easily be removed. It also has a sign for when the maximum water limit is reached. 

The total set consists of a window vacuum cleaner, a charger, a spray bottle, a cleaning cloth, a cleaning cloth bracket and an instruction manual.

Save your time and effort with this device!  

3. INTEY Window Vacuum Cleaner

With a power of 12 W, the INTEY window vacuum cleaner has a really superb suction power. This device in hand means you can easily clean your windows streak free and dry them off just as easily! It also has a fast charging time which is nearly 2.5 hours. The vacuum cleaner can also clean for 40 minutes with a single charge. The total estimated area of cleaning this product offers is 130 m².

It is also capable of cleaning around 360° and also on horizontal surfaces. Don’t forget cleaning overhead as this device also makes that easier. It also comes with an extra narrow suction nozzle of around 17 cm that allows you to clean thigh places and narrow regions. It can obviously be used on all sorts of smooth surfaces that include but are not limited to mirrors, car windows, tiles, etc. 

Due to its lightweight and quiet nature, it also tends to avoid unnecessary distractions. It has a removable cleaning head to make cleaning easier.  An individual spray bottle with microfibre cover has been provided to satisfy all your needs when it comes to cleaning! It also has a 150 ml water tank that can be easily removed and cleaned. 

4. Vileda WindoMatic Power Window Vacuum Cleaner

This window vac comes with two different suction levels. The max mode comes with an extra 50 percentage suction power. It comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery. 

It can clean upto 120 windows with just one charge. It also does not leave any streaks when cleaning. The water tank for the dirty water is also easy to clean. You can now rest assured and clean your windows streak-free! 

5. TACKLIFE Window Vac

Equipped with a 280 mm suction nozzle, this window vac has an extremely powerful suction power. It can clean a large area of glass at once without leaving behind any streaks or droplets. It has a total cleaning area of around 105 m² which is about 35 windows in one charge. 

A 150 ml removable water tank is provided to store all the dirty water as well as empty it out with ease. It is also easy to clean and has a maximum water warning sign. It is designed to be cordless and has an ergonomic handle. You can easily use this device to clean floors, shower screens, mirrors and more! It works easily both indoors and outdoors!

The complete set includes a spray bottle, a window cleaner, two microfibre cloths, a charger and an instruction manual. 

6. 4 in 1 Window Vacuum Cleaner

The 4 in 1 window vacuum cleaner allows you to clean your home, your car, your carpet & sofa and your curtain. It also comes with a double silicon scraper that helps in automatically absorbing all the wasted water in the vacuum suction without the use of extra cloth. 

You can also change the nozzle to dust nozzle and clean up all the sand, dust and trash as well. It comes with a built-in 200 ml dust tank for this purpose. The package also includes a brush nozzle which is great for cleaning carpets and sofa! A wide nozzle has also been provided to help clean your curtains and other soft fabric!

7. MVPower Window Vac

As the name suggests, the MVPower window vac has a very powerful suction and can also easily gather all the dirty water. It also makes sure to give you a streak free finish so you can be satisfied! 

It also has a telescopic rod of length 45 to 75 cm that allows you to clean the windows and curtains at greater heights very easily. The dual mode that consists of upshift and downshift helps you clean the floor, shower mirrors and a lot more surfaces easily! 

It has a high water absorption capacity so as to prevent leakage of any sort from any direction and increase efficiency. It is also designed to be durable by using materials like stainless steel and plastic during its manufacture. 

8. Kärcher Window Vac WV 2 Plus

The window vac WV 2 plus is another great compact and ergonomic window cleaner. With this, you definitely don’t have to worry about leaving behind any droplets or streaks! It also has a very strong suction power. 

Another great thing about this device is that it is very quiet and lightweight as well. With as less noise as possible, you can focus on your work better than before! It can clean upto 75 m² which is around 55 windows with one charge. It has a run time of 25 minutes. It also comes with an internal LED light to remind you to charge the device! 

It has also been designed so that reaching the lower parts of the window frame don’t pose a problem. The water with the dirty tank can be cleaned easily without getting your hands dirty as well. 

9. BESTEK Telescopic Window Cleaner

The BESTEK telescopic window cleaner is another great cleaning asset that can be used. With its special 10 to 40 inches extension set, it can make cleaning at various heights much easier and comfortable as well! 

It has a 3.7V/ 12W dust filter that can easily clean out granules like coffee beans, dust, and hair. It is also cordless and lightweight so it can easily save your time and money as well. It can also work both indoors and outdoors so you are free to use it however you like!

10. Monzana Window Vacuum Cleaner 

The double silicon scraper that comes with the Monzana window vacuum cleaner helps with easily cleaning the windows and other smooth surfaces without much hassle and streak free. It automatically absorbs all the wasted water without having to use any additional cloth to make work easy for you! 

On a single charge, the vacuum cleaner can clean upto 30 windows. It also has a removable wiper head and a 60 ml dirty water tank to make cleaning of the vacuum easier. It is also lightweight and uses a rubber wiper which ensures gentle cleaning on delicate surfaces.

The entire package consists of a window vacuum cleaner, a spray bottle, a microfibre wiper, a telescopic rod, a water tank and a charger! 

11. Signature Cordless Rechargeable Window Vacuum

You can expect nothing but streak free cleaning results from the Signature cordless rechargeable window vacuum. This is because of the slim rubber lining blade that has been provided for the best results. 

The vac also ensures a comfortable experience to the user by adding in the comfort girl handle and making the cleaner lightweight. The set is completed with a microfiber cloth that helps in the removal of dirt and grime. 

It also offers a total run time of 30 minutes. The charging time for this device is 4 hours. It can be used on surfaces that include windows, mirrors, car windscreens and more!

We hope this has helped spark your desire for cleaning and also helped you find the perfect partner for cleaning. These window vacuums could be your very own cleaning buddy!