White Vacuum Cleaners

White Vacuum Cleaners – a large range of white coloured hoovers for your house. White is a colour associated with cleanliness and so is perfectly suitable for a sleek and stylish brand new vacuum cleaner. If you’re looking to purchase a white coloured vacuum cleaner, then this page is for you – with our vast selection of the UK’s best white hoovers. Each white vacuum cleaner review contains a full detailed review, specification, photos as well as our rating and details on where you can buy each white vacuum online. Find your ideal white hoover here.


Bosch BCH625KTGB

The Bosch BCH625KTGB Athlet features a pretty impressive specification on paper – a 25v battery, 60 minutes run time and a charge time of approximately 4 hours. At just 3kg in weight, it’s feather light yet still powerful enough to suck up to 27 litres of air per second when in turbo mode.


Black & Decker Dustbuster

The Dustbuster from Black & Decker is an awesome lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner which offers excellent value for money.