VonHaus 2-In-1 Stick & Handheld Review

What Is The VonHaus 2-In-1 Stick Vacuum?

One of the primary challenges that manufacturers of cordless vacuum cleaners face is power and runtime (especially handhelds). Although cordless is definitely the wave of the future, VonHaus have kept things simple and affordable by introducing their 2-in-1 corded stick vacuum cleaners to the market.

The company has a wide range of electronic products, including various hoovers, that are designed to do the job for anyone on a budget. They have three versions of their popular 2-in-1 stick vacuum cleaner which can be used either as an upright or a handheld.

  1. Orange Upright Stick (07/200) 600W with 1.3 Litre Dirt Receptacle
  2. Grey Upright Stick (07/796) 1000W with 1.3 Litre Dirt Receptacle
  3. Grey Upright Stick Vacuum (07/884) 600W with 0.2 Litre Dirt Receptacle

We assume that due to the 2017 EU regulations which limit the power wattage, VonHaus have stopped producing the 1000W version although it’s still possible to buy it online while stocks last. If you’re looking for an ultra-slim stick hoover then you can consider the 07/884 model, but for the purpose of this review, we have purchased the 07/200 600W model which has a larger dirt capacity and has been favourably received. Read on to find out if this 2-in-1 corded vacuum is up to the task of everyday cleaning, or whether ‘you get what you pay for’.


  • Small Footprint – Designed to reach difficult areas both as an upright and a handheld.
  • Lightweight – The lightweight (2.9kg) design makes it perfect for anyone who is usually limited by a heavy and cumbersome vacuum cleaner.
  • Dust Capacity – The 1.3-litre dust capacity is larger than most other bagless stick or handheld hoovers on the market.
  • Affordable – It’s much cheaper than other 2-in-1 models and still performs admirably.


  • Corded – Although you don’t need to worry about battery life, the cord reduces the practicality of this hoover.
  • Attachments – The attachments don’t have a locking mechanism which makes it easy for them to fall off.
  • No Rotating Brush – It doesn’t come with a motorized brush, although it’s possible to buy a ‘turbo brush’ head separately.

VonHaus 2-In-1 Stick Vacuum Key Features

 2-in-1 Functionality – The VonHause 600W 2-in-1 can be easily converted into a handheld by simply clicking a button towards the top of the main unit and removing the long handle. You can then choose to use the handheld with the floor head, or detach it to use the included accessories. 

 Telescopic Handle – While using it as a ‘stick’ hoover you can easily adjust the telescopic handle to suit your height (allowing for a maximum total length of 122cm from floor tip to handle).

 Bagless with HEPA Filtration – This corded 2-in-1 hoover uses a HEPA and sponge filtration system that traps microscopic particles making your home more hygienic. It also has a 1.3-litre dust receptacle that is easy to remove and empty.

Design & Accessories

The VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 stick hoover isn’t something you’ll want to hang on your wall, but it has a sleek and retro style that merges the old-fashioned upright with modern practicality. Aside from the metallic telescopic handle, the unit is comprised of hard plastic with a build quality that is questionable – particularly toward the end of the unit where you connect the head and other attachments. However, there haven’t been many complaints about the unit breaking easily and it’s also backed by a two-year manufacturer warranty.

As mentioned, the telescopic handle can be removed so you can use the VonHaus 2-in-1 as a handheld. This is actually quite practical as you don’t need to remove the unit from the ‘body’ of the machine like other similarly designed models. The attachments at the end are held on by friction rather than a locking mechanism which can be considered a downfall, although it’s relatively easy to remove and attach them. In addition to the simple cleaning brush head which can be used on wood flooring without scratching it, included in the box is a crevice tool (with a flip up mini brush), upholstery tool and extension hose.

In terms of usability, the 2-in-1 is comfortable both as a stick and a handheld and easy to figure out due to its straightforward design. It doesn’t have a swivel head which is a bit of a let-down though there are two wheels on the bottom of the head to help it glide along the floor. The cable can get in the way on occasion but because it’s 6 meters long it allows you to reach most areas without having to change wall sockets frequently.

To remove the dirt receptacle you just need to release a clip toward the bottom of the lower handle. The bottom half of the hoover can then be taken to a bin and emptied out though you will need to remove the filter first. The filters are washable (running water only) and replacements are available online. 


For such an affordable hoover, the VonHaus 2-in-1 600W stick vacuum is surprisingly compatible. It performs particularly well on hard flooring as well as on short piled rugs and carpeting. However, because it lacks a rotating or motorized brush those with deep carpeting will find that the vacuum cleaner has its limitations, and especially if you have long haired pets as well. It’s possible to purchase ahead with a rotating brush separately but it uses suction to spin the brush rather than a motor.

In terms of suction (approximately 130 air watts), the VonHaus 2-in-1 has no problem picking up fine and heavy dirt particles such as dried mud, cat litter and general debris. It’s very lightweight and easy to remove the telescopic handle to use the handheld for cleaning your vehicle, furniture (including tables and bedding), stairs, skirting boards, and anything else around the home. You may find that you’ll need to use the hose extension if you want to reach under furniture, though while in ‘stick mode’ it does drop to a relatively horizontal position.

The dirt receptacle didn’t fill too quickly which is usually a problem with other bagless stick hoovers. As it doesn’t use a cyclone suction the filter does get dirty quickly which means you’ll have to clean it often to maintain optimal suction.


All versions of the VonHaus 2-in-1 stick hoover are available for less than £30 and are ‘A’ energy rated. Compared to other 2-in-1 models on the market they are priced very competitively and are backed by a two-year manufacturer guarantee.


Overall, the VonHaus stick hoover provides excellent value in terms of performance and versatility for such a low priced product. However, because it lacks a motorized brush it’s really only ideal for those who have hard flooring, short carpeting or want to use it for cleaning their caravan/holiday home. Because it’s such a slim and lightweight hoover, it’s also a great option for those with certain disabilities, back problems or other limitations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the cord?

The cord on the 600W model is 6 meters.

Is the cord retractable?

No. The cord wraps around two points at the back of the telescopic handle.

Does the VonHaus 2-in-1 stick hoover come with a warranty?

Yes, VonHaus offers a 2-year guarantee.

Are the filters replaceable?

It’s possible to clean the filters by washing them under a tap, but new filters are possible to purchase on Amazon.

Is this hoover suitable for those with pets?

If you have hard flooring you won’t have any problems, but the lack of a motorized brush makes it difficult to pick up fur from carpets.

How wide is the cleaning head?

The cleaning head is 23cm wide.

Is this suitable for those with carpets?

Those with carpets will benefit from purchasing the 1000W version or at least the additional turbo brush head. It does a relatively good job but works best on hard flooring.