Vax V-124A Review UK

The vibrant Vax V-124A is their affordable carpet washer designed to remove the dirt that your vacuum can’t touch, breathing new life into your tired flooring!

Vax V-124A Review

A considerably affordable carpet washer designed for the average household, with solid build quality and an end result that leaves your drab old carpets looking fresh and new! For the price none! It’s remarkably adept at removing unseen dirt that your vacuum can’t touch without being rough on delicate flooring, leaving the waste water tank full of a murky disgusting liquid and your floors properly clean once again.

Our Vax V-124A Vacuum Review

Vax’s ambitious V-124A is their attempt at constructing an attractive affordable carpet washer for the consumer market.  Although regular vacuuming gives the appearance and illusion of a clean carpet, it’s only once you have washed the flooring that it emphasises just how much dirt has been engrained within the shaggy thick fibres.  A deep clean can help to lengthen the lifespan of your carpet, and reduce the need to purchase a new one, thus saving you money, and as such a carpet washer can often be a sound investment in the long run.

As you would expect from Vax, the build quality is excellent, which is fairly representative of the rest of their range.  Inside can be found the sophisticated technology such as the Dual V which removes impressive quantities of water from the carpet once the wet cycle has concluded.  The unique “Spinscrub” brushes are gentle yet effective on the carpet, and help to coax the unseen stubborn dirt from within the fibres, leaving them refreshed and restored, albeit a touch damp.

At 11kg the Vax V-124A is marginally heavier than the average upright vacuum, but we wouldn’t consider this an issue considering how infrequently you would operate the carpet washer compared to the daily use of a vacuum cleaner.  In any case, manoeuvring the Vax is effortless, and didn’t leave our testers fatigued.  The robust pink and grey exterior may not appeal to all tastes, but build quality is solid, and tasks such as dispensing with the waste water are simple operations.

Our Verdict for the Vax V-124A Vacuum Cleaner

The thoughtful design touches mean operating the V-124A is a joy, and the proof of the pudding is in the colour of the liquid in waste water tank, which inevitably will be surprisingly muddier when compared to the sparkling clean soapy liquid that was initially applied. It comfortably removes even the most defiant sticky stains, leaving both your carpets and room feeling fresh and clean, at a fraction of the cost of new carpets.  We can thoroughly recommend this carpet washer – it’s a credit to Vax’s range, and certainly won’t disappoint!

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  • Vax’s SpinScrub brush technology results in no less than five separate brushes removing dirt from the carpet material
  • Weighs 11kg when empty
  • Vax instruction manual included
  • 6 Year guarantee provides peace of mind
  • Spin scrub hand tool included within the carpet washer package – perfect for stairs and furniture
  • The cleaning system automatically mixes the correct ratio of cleaning solution to water, to provide the most effective cleaning results
  • 3 litre capacity
  • Measures 23cm by 46cm by 112cm
  • Hose and tool caddy fitted
  • Vax V-124A is an upright carpet and upholstery washer, designed for domestic household use
  • Bottle of Vax Ultra+ solution (1.42L size)
  • Striking grey and pink finish
  • 1300w of power built in
  • The built in suction is designed to remove as much moisture from the flooring as possible, thus drying the carpet faster
  • 9 metre power cord length
  • Upholstery / stair wash tool accessories


Manufacturer: Vax
Model: V-124A
Capacity: 3 litres
Style: upright
Type: bagless
Power Source: Mains
Power: 1300w
Voltage: 230v
Cord Type: corded
Cord Length: 9m
Colour: grey
Power Settings: 2
Weight: 11.5kg
Dimensions: 23cm by 46cm by 112cm
Extras: spinscrub wash tool, and 1.42L of Ultra Plus solution