Vax U90-MA-Re Review UK

The feathery Vax U90-MA-Re offers an astounding power to weight ratio, with a consistent A suction rating on multiple floor types, despite it’s minimal 4.9kg build.

Vax U90-MA-Re Review

Very light, powerful suction and exceptionally easy to wield about the house. The long power cable coupled with the hose accessory means that you can easily reach awkward areas. The elegant design appealed to our testers, and overall we found it to be a useful addition to our cleaning arsenal! A slight side effect of the strong suction is that pushing the vacuum around the room can take a little more effort than the average cleaner, as it sticks to the carpet! We didn’t consider this to be an issue, as the result is a spotless carpet, but bear this in mind if you’re buying this model for an elderly or unfit person.

Our Vax U90-MA-Re Vacuum Review

The Vax U90-MA-Re is the latest incarnation of the highly rated upright range of vacuums, which combines a refined purple and grey colour scheme with a jaw dropping lightweight build and substantial suction capabilities.  Rated “A” on the majority of surfaces, on paper there doesn’t appear to be any weaknesses in the specification of the U90-MA-Re, with the aforementioned 4.9kg weight and a remarkable 6 year guarantee, with the equivalent power of 2100w and a 10 metre power cord.  A huge amount of thought has gone into the design, with all of the sections which typically require maintenance being both easy to access and visible through the transparent casing.  The dust container is a touch smaller than competing models, with a 1.5 litre volume, but in practice we didn’t consider this to be a hindrance.  Despite being an upright design, the 3.6m hose enables you to clean inaccessible or awkward areas easily, such is the versatility of this model.  In terms of size, the U90-MA-Re is petite, making steering in tight spaces easier than larger vacuums, and despite the powerful suction, noise levels are kept to a minimum.  Speaking of the suction – we should point out that this appliance is seriously powerful, and despite the light weight it does require a reasonable amount of force to push around when on deep carpets – the positive side effect being very clean flooring!  On lighter rugs, you may need to tread or hold down the corners to stop the rug being moved about the room.

In use, it dealt with mud, dust and pet hair with ease, and the only minor criticisms we have are the ones we’ve outlined above about vacuuming rugs, and the extra effort required to push it around.  However if the vacuum didn’t feature this suction, then it wouldn’t be so effective at picking up dirt, and so overall it can only be seen as a positive point.

Our Verdict for the Vax U90-MA-Re Vacuum Cleaner

Put simply, the Vax U90-MA-Re has two main characteristics – highly impressive suction, and a noticeably lightweight build.  This results in a vacuum which is a piece of cake to carry around your home, as well as flooring which looks like new.  On the highest setting, the U90-MA-Re grips the carpet, and takes a little extra effort than you’d normally use when using an upright vacuum, but the end result is that you don’t have to clean as frequently as all of the dirt is effectively removed with one sweep.  Of all of the vacuums we’ve ever tested, this is one of the best, and we’d highly recommend it to those looking for the ultimate in low weight high power upright vacuum cleaners!


  • Metal telescopic extension tubes for reaching into those hard to access areas
  • Antibacterial HEPA filter
  • Hose also stretches up to a maximum of 3.6 metres
  • 10 metre long mains power cord so you can vacuum away from mains sockets
  • 4.9kg weight
  • Long hose for cleaning furniture, stairs and other awkward areas
  • Multi cyclonic technology.
  • 102 high, 30.5cm wide and 30cm deep
  • 24 kWh usage per year based upon regular normal usage
  • HEPA filter to help prevent dust allergies
  • 1.5 litre capacity dust container
  • 6 year guarantee included for peace of mind
  • The Vax U90-MA-Re is one of lightest, full sized multi-cyclonic upright vacuum cleaners available on the UK market
  • 1.3 metre long hose
  • Suitable for all floor types from deep carpets to hard flooring
  • Includes a turbo brush accessory as part of the package
  • In terms of noise it makes just dB86
  • The Vax U90-MA-Re features an “A” rating in carpet pick up, hard floor pick up and also in the overall energy ratings and emission levels
  • Adjustable floor head for multiple floor types
  • Outstanding cleaning power and capacity but with a very low weight for ease of use, weighing up to a third less than older models.
  • Ideal for pet hair.
  • Very lightweight but with powerful suction
  • This model ultimately replaces it’s predecessor; the Vax U90-MA-R vacuum .


Manufacturer: Vax
Model: U90-MA-Re
Capacity: 1.5 litres
Style: upright
Type: bagless
Power Source: Mains
Power: 2100w
Voltage: 230v
Cord Type: corded
Cord Length: 10m
Colour: purple
Power Settings: 1
Weight: 4.9kg
Dimensions: 102cm by 30.5cm by 30cm
Extras: turbo brush and 6 year guarantee