Vax U88-AMM-B Review UK

The Vax U88-AMM-B Air3 Max is a superb lightweight upright vacuum, with unique multicyclonic technology, a practical 10 metre power cord and vast 3 litre dust storage container.

Vax U88-AMM-B Review

Very strong suction, easy to manoeuvre, very lengthy power cord for greater flexibility, provides decent vaue too!The powerful suction can lift lightweight carpets and rugs. As with all upright vacuums, staircases can be a little tricky.

Our Vax U88-AMM-B Vacuum Review

Here we have the U88-AMM-B from Vax – a lightweight upright vacuum cleaner, with a large dust capacity and generous 10m mains cord.  It’s finished in a predominantly silvery grey colour scheme, with orange detailing, and aimed at those looking to buy a mid priced upright vacuum.

Out of the box, you soon notice how little it weighs, being just under 6.5kg on our scales, which is surprisingly little given the dimensions (99cm by 31cm by 43cm).  Once plugged in and switched on, you can appreciate how much thought has gone into the design of the U88-AMM-B – a cliché, but it really does move effortlessly around furniture, making vacuuming large rooms a quick and easy process.  In terms of the suction, the Vax U88-AMM-B doesn’t disappoint, quickly sucking up any dust accumulating even on deep fluffy rugs.  On the lighter carpets we tested it on, it even lifts and flooring slightly, which leaves you reassured that it is removing any dirt that may be settled deep within the carpet.  The dust container is 3 litres in volume, so despite the quantity of dirt removed from our carpets during testing, we didn’t need to empty the canister as frequently as other models.

In terms of storage, you may need a reasonable sized cupboard – the Air3 Max is around 90cm in height, which is around average for an upright vacuum.  This height of this upright vacuum cleaner means that you won’t have to bend over as much as if you were using a cylinder model, so it will appeal to those with back problems.  The swivel mechanism included with the brush base makes vacuuming corners a simple affair.  Given that it’s an upright model, it may not be the most suitable vacuum for stairs, but it excels at pretty much any other task.  It cleans fast and effectively, works well on virtually all flooring surfaces, and with the extended power cord and large capacity, gives you uninterrupted and hassle free vacuuming.  Overall our test team like the Air3 Max model – there are cheaper (as well as many far more expensive) vacuum cleaners out there, but for the price tag we were unanimous in thinking that the Vax U88-AMM-B provides excellent value.

Our Verdict for the Vax U88-AMM-B Vacuum Cleaner

A very able and well priced upright vacuum cleaner, which delivers excellent performance.  The Vax U88-AMM-B is clearly very well designed, easy to operate, and overall it left our test team impressed!


  • 6 year Vax guarantee for the UK – giving you peace of mind free from worrying about any breakages or parts failing.
  • Incredibly simple and easy to move around the room – features Air Motion Technology – which enables you to manoeuvre the vacuum about with a simple wrist action, taking the strain and work out of moving the vacuum around.
  • To avoid loss of suction, the U88-AMM-B features Multicyclonic Technology – which helps to separate dirt and dust particles from the air, so the vacuums suction power is never lost throughout usage.
  • To aid those who suffer from allergies, the H12 HEPA Filtration system helps to remove small dust particles, as well as pollen and other substances which may affect allergy sufferers
  • 10 metre (1000cm) power cord is included, so you won’t have to unplug the vacuum very often
  • 320 air watts worth of suction – delivering powerful results
  • Slim, lightweight (6.5kg) upright design, which features a full 3 litre capacity – thus eliminating the need for frequent emptying


Manufacturer: Vax
Model: U88-AMM-B
Capacity: 3 litres
Style: upright
Type: bagless
Power Source: Mains
Power: 1200w
Voltage: 230v
Cord Type: corded
Cord Length: 10m
Colour: grey
Power Settings: 1
Weight: 6.5kg
Dimensions: 99cm by 31cm by 43cm
Extras: a multi functional crevice tool, dusting brush and handy upholstery tool