Vax C89-P7-B Review UK

The mid priced grey and orange cylinder Vax C89-P7-B vacuum features a generous 4 litre capacity which is paired with a substantial 2200w motor and lengthy 8 metre power cord.

Vax C89-P7-B Review

Cost effective, strong suction and the standard Vax 2 year guarantee make the C89-P7-B an attractive choice!Occasionally the filter will need emptying – however this is a relatively quick and easy process.

Our Vax C89-P7-B Vacuum Review

The Vax C89-P7-B is a reasonably priced vacuum cleaner aimed at those who don’t have the largest budget, but still require a hoover which is both powerful enough to get their floors clean, yet durable enough not to wear out from repeated use.  Vax have a reputation for manufacturing quality vacuum cleaners, all of which come with a long guarantee.  In our experience, this guarantee is rarely needed, as Vax vacuums are usually well constructed, but it’s nice to have that extra peace of mind all the same. With the C89-P7-B, Vax have included a considerable amount of handy features bearing in mind the price tag.  The power cord is 8 metres in length, making this vacuum ideal for stairs, cars and other areas which don’t have easy access to a power socket.  At 6kg, it’s not the lightest, but the handle is comfortable to hold, and the wheels rotate freely and easily, meaning that you probably won’t spend much time carrying it around.  In use, the motor provides up to 2200w of power, yet it still runs reasonably quietly.  During our Vax C89-P7-B review, our testers were pleased with the performance of this vacuum  – essentially it’s a good all rounder, and one that provides a strong suction and impressive capacity.  We tested it in several of our writer’s homes, and all of the test team were in praise of the performance, as well as impressed with the value and build quality.  When on the top settings, the suction is powerful enough to raise lightweight carpet from the floor, and so had to be turned down at times.  We rarely had to empty the main dust container, but based upon our trial you may find you need to clean the filter every few months – this is a straight forward job to complete though.  Despite the large dust volume, the overall dimensions aren’t too bulky, so storage shouldn’t be a problem.  As an added bonus, the grey and orange colour scheme are somewhat less loud than some of Vax’s other offerings, which will please those who use aesthetics as criteria for purchasing a vacuum. So what did we make of the C89-P7-B overall?

Our Verdict for the Vax C89-P7-B Vacuum Cleaner

Overall the Vax C89-P7-B is a solid vacuum cleaner, which performs to a high standard.  It’s reasonably priced, and best suited to those who don’t wish to spend a fortune on a vacuum cleaner, but still require reliability and performance.  The construction is strong, and with a 2 year Vax guarantee we don’t have any quibbles about recommending this model to our visitor


  • Single cyclone technology which results in less clogging and maintenance, and also goes some way to providing improved performance
  • Powerful suction – 2200 watts (360 air watts) which is more than ample for most floor types.
  • The Vax C89-P7-B features a bagless design with a huge 4 litre capacity – meaning you spend less time emptying and maintaining the vacuum cleaner, thus reducing hoovering time!
  • The combination floor tool is ideal for all flooring types – from carpets to hard floors
  • 2 year UK guarantee is included as standard

The Vax C89-P7-B also known as the Power 7 is a mid priced bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner finished in a grey and orange style, which is typical of Vax’s range of hoovers. Included with this vacuum are a combination floorhead for standard vacuuming, a dusting brush to remove fine dust, a handy crevice tool for those awkward corners and hard to access areas, an upholstery tool for furniture and cushions, as well as lengthy extension tube for those areas which are just out of reach with a standard vacuum.  These are fixed in the included tool caddy.  As with all Vax vacuum cleaners, you’ll also receive the instruction manual and the famous Vax guarantee registration for peace of mind.


Manufacturer: Vax
Model: C89-P7-B
Capacity: 4 litres
Style: cylinder
Type: bagless
Power Source: Mains
Power: 2200w
Voltage: 230v
Cord Type: corded
Cord Length: 8m
Colour: grey
Power Settings: 1
Weight: 6kg
Dimensions: 34cm by 30cm by 46cm
Extras: turbo brush and assorted tools including crevice and upholstery tools