Vax C89-MA-B Review UK

In this review we take a look at the C89-MA-B from Vax, a compact cylindrical vacuum aimed at those without much storage space. But does it’s size mean you are trading power and usability? We aim to find out, and to help you decide whether this is the right vacuum for your home. The Vax C89-MA-B vacuum is finished in a striking grey and orange colour scheme, providing 1500w of power and a 2.5 litre dust container.

Vax C89-MA-B Review

Beautifully compact, decent level of suction, a handy array of extras are included. The dust container is slightly smaller than other models – however this is understandable given the compact nature of the C89-MA-B. Can also be slightly prone to blockages – this only occurs if you attempt to vacuum large items however.

Our Vax C89-MA-B Vacuum Review

Looking to buy a small and compact vacuum cleaner, but don’t want to sacrifice on power and performance?  On paper the Vax C89-MA-B offers all of these qualities, providing a substantial suction from within it’s minuscule body.

On first use it copes admirably on a variety of flooring types, and is remarkably adept in confined spaces as well as larger rooms alike. Cylindrical in shape, the Vax C89-MA-B runs on two generously sized wheels, which provide a degree of mobility, with a large ergonomically shaped handle located on top, and a large transparent removable dust container situated at the front. Finished in grey and orange, it’s cylindrical design enables it to be carried around with ease, providing 1500w of power and including a 2.5 litre capacity dust container as well as a multitude of accessories and a 6m cord length.  Overall weight is 5.6kg, and it measures up at a svelte 34cm by 44cm by 28cm for easy storage.

So how does it perform?  First impressions are very well indeed, with a strong suction despite featuring a relatively small body.  It excelled during our test period, being powerful enough to remove all of the dirt from our test carpets, hardwood flooring and tiled bathroom, but still being light enough to be easily transported from room to room, and up the stairs.  The compact shape makes weaving between coffee tables and furniture a doddle, and the small overall size and weight means storage is not an issue.  We tested the Vax C89-MA-B in several of our teams homes, with only a few minor complaints which we have outlined below. Firstly the dust container is a touch on the small side; however this is unavoidable given the small overall dimensions of the compact C89-MA-B.  Dried mud, pet hair, dust and fluff were removed without issue, and without having to repeatedly vacuum the same areas to achieve cleanliness.  As this vacuum sucks dirt into a primary compartment prior to adding it to the main container, this can occasionally cause issues, especially if vacuuming any large particles.  It is a simple enough procedure to unblock, but we feel we should point it out anyway.  As with all HEPA filter vacuums, the filter will need clearing periodically to avoid loss of performance – this is a unfortunate trade off if you need this superior filtration.

Build quality is impressive, and whether in use or merely transporting the Vax C89-MA-B vacuum, it feels both sturdy and reliable.  Given the 6 years guarantee, and Vax‘s legendary reliability and customer service, we would have no qualms recommending this model to our readers. In terms of value for money, we can’t fault it – compared to other small canister vacuum cleaners, it provides excellent performance and offers a lot of vacuum cleaner for a relatively small investment.  As mentioned above, it does have the odd issue, but this is more due to the compact nature of the Vax, and so will be true of the majority of similar sized vacuum cleaners.

Our Verdict for the Vax C89-MA-B Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re looking for a powerful yet compact vacuum cleaner, then the Vax C89-MA-B is one of the best we’ve come across.  It functions incredibly well, offers exceptional value, and will leave your floors spotless.  Granted, it may not be as suitable for heavy vacuuming jobs as a full sized model – see criticisms above – but nonetheless we’re happy to recommend the C89-MA-B vacuum to our readers, and with a 6 year UK guarantee, Vax won’t let you down.


  • The Vax C89-MA-B is billed as the most powerful compact multi cyclonic cylinder vacuum cleaner on the market
  • Unique constant suction delivering powerful results
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • 2.5 litre capacity with removable dust canister – bagless design
  • Comes with a reassuring 6 year full guarantee for UK customers, giving you complete peace of mind
  • 1500w motor included
  • Weighs just 5.6kg and measures 34cm by 44cm by 28cm
  • 6m cord length, for extra flexibility
  • The C89-MA-B features bagless cylinder design
  • Finished in a orange and grey colour scheme
  • Easy to carry
  • Versatile enough for use on a variety of a surfaces effectively


Manufacturer: Vax
Model: C89-MA-B
Capacity: 2.5 litres
Style: cylinder
Type: bagless
Power Source: Mains
Power: 1500w
Voltage: 230v
Cord Type: corded
Cord Length: 6m
Colour: orange
Power Settings: 1
Weight: 5.6kg
Dimensions: 34cm by 44cm by 28cm
Extras: Metal telescopic extension tube, a combination floor head, a crevice tool, dusting brush and upholstery tool