Vax C88-AM-P Review UK

The lightweight Vax C88-AM-P Air Mini Pet is a compact sized vacuum aimed at providing powerful performance and portability without being bulky and cumbersome.

Vax C88-AM-P Review

Strong suction, very lightweight and easy to carry about, simple to operate and well built.The hose is a touch on the thin side, which you have to be slightly careful with in order to avoid creasing it.

Our Vax C88-AM-P Vacuum Review

Looking to purchase a vacuum cleaner, but need it to be both compact for easy storage, yet also powerful enough to remove dirt and pet hair?  This is where the Vax C88-AM-P comes in; aimed at those who don’t have much storage room yet featuring a 2000w suction with multiple cyclones for a reliable and consistent performance.  Finished in an electric blue and grey colour scheme, it features Vax’s famous 6 year guarantee for peace of mind, and due to it’s compact design, it’s effortless to carry around the house.

Firstly the specification: Measuring 32.5cm by 27cm by 41cm, the Vax C88-AM-P is relatively small when compared to competitor’s models.  The weight is just under 5kg, which is impressive, although you might not have to carry it too far as and it also features a lengthy 600cm power cord.  The H12 Antibacterial HEPA Filtration is included as standard, which is ideal for allergy sufferers, as this feature helps to eliminate tiny dust particles and pollen from the air.  Included are the standard Vax accessories, such as the combi, crevice, dusting, upholstery & turbo tools, to deal with reaching into awkward areas.  The vacuum features a bagless cylinder design, with a total dust capacity of 2 litres. Upon picking it up, you soon notice just how light the Vax C88-AM-P is.  Given the compact nature, it is extremely portable, and ideal for those who need to carry the hoover about the house, or for those who struggle with bulky vacuum cleaners.  A sturdy grey coloured handle is situated on the top of the vacuum, which is both comfortable to grip and easy to reach – nothing to criticise here.

So how well does it vacuum?  We tested it on a variety of surfaces, from hard flooring to deep carpet, attempting everything from pet hair to dried mud to sand, and each time it came up trumps.  Given the small dimensions of the C88-AM-P we were expecting a slight trade off in terms of performance, but instead we were pleasantly surprised.  Of all of the vacuum cleaners we’ve tested, the Vax C88-AM-P is one of the best we experienced.  Granted, it might not be ideal for those with abnormally large areas to vacuum, such as the commercial environment.  However for the average household owner, it will get the job completed effectively and easily, leaving you more time to focus on the rest of your life.  The accessories included, which are numerous, all work effectively – although in practice we found our self using the default tools more frequently than the specialist ones. The lengthy guarantee is another huge bonus, and given the relatively low price tag, we’d be happy to recommend the C88-AM-P to our readers.

Our Verdict for the Vax C88-AM-P Vacuum Cleaner

If you need an incredibly compact vacuum that offers superb performance, then the Vax C88-AM-P comes highly recommended.  It’s perfect balance of portability, value and vacuuming power.


  • Compact Design, with huge 2 litre capacity
  • 2000w of power built into the cylinder design
  • Exceptionally lightweight design, for increased portability, weighing just 4.9kg.
  • 6 metre power cord length
  • 230v mains operated vacuum cleaner
  • Multiple cyclone technology – this prevents loss of suction, and provides increased performance over older models.
  • Consistent performance – the Vax C88-AM-P is reliable, yet functional and cost effective
  • Measures 32.5cm by 27cm by 41cm for easy storage
  • Finished in a stylish grey and blue colour scheme
  • Bagless design to both save money and the environment
  • Stylish compact cylinder design takes up less room than a standard cylinder or upright vacuum cleaner
  • The anti-bacterial H12 HEPA filter helps allergy sufferers – this feature helps to reduce any bacteria and allergens, enabling you to live your life unaffected by such issues.
  • Designed for homes with pets – the extensive attachments supplied will enable you to clean even the most awkward of spaces, removing hair, fur and any other dirt from your flooring with ease.
  • Turbo tool is specifically designed for removing pet hair – perfect for the cat and dog lovers.
  • 6 year Vax Guarantee is included for peace of mind.
  • Excellent Vax performance from within a compact electric blue and grey shell.


Manufacturer: Vax
Model: C88-AM-P
Capacity: 2 litres
Style: cylinder
Type: bagless
Power Source: Mains
Power: 2000w
Voltage: 230v
Cord Type: corded
Cord Length: 6m
Colour: grey
Power Settings: 1
Weight: 4.9kg
Dimensions: 32.5cm by 27cm by 41cm
Extras: combi tool, crevice tool, and dusting, upholstery & turbo tools