SEBO X4 Extra Eco Review

In a world of flashy form over function vacuum cleaners, the SEBO X4 Extra Eco is a breath of fresh air, with performance and build quality the main concerns of the designer. Here we feature the SEBO Automatic X4 Extra Eco, which features a refreshing traditional upright design, together with a virtually indestructible body. Sebo have aimed to create a vacuum which although doesn’t look as sleek and modern as it’s competitors, aims to outperform and outlast it’s rivals. In this review we take an in-depth look at the X4 and see if the German engineering provides a solution worthy of the hype, or if it ultimately proves to provide poor value for money.

SEBO X4 Extra Eco Vacuum Review – Quality German engineering?

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Very well made, superb suction, quiet to use, durable components and used by professional cleaners! Quite heavy and slightly cumbersome to move about, old fashioned style design, and will need replacement bags.

In-depth review of the upright SEBO X4 Extra Eco vacuum

Here we have the 1100w Sebo X4 Extra automatic upright vacuum, which aims to help allergy and asthma sufferers by offering a powerful suction and highly effective filtration system.  Built like the proverbial tank, it weighs a little extra than some of it’s rivals at around 8kg, but with a 10m power cord and large dust capacity the X4 is clearly designed with practicality in mind.  In our review we thoroughly test this model, looking at the various strengths and weaknesses, which should help you to make your mind up on whether this is the right vacuum for your household.

Traditional looking upright vacuum, with a modern twist

The first characteristics we noticed about the X4 is the manufacturer’s decision to construct this vacuum in what is considered a fairly traditional design.  Whereas competitors have opted for sleek and smooth modern style aesthetics, Sebo have plumped for box shapes, in a smart deep blue and creamy yellow colour scheme.  This is by no means a criticism, more an indication that Sebo have aimed to place performance and durability above the aesthetic style of their range.  If state of the art stylish design is one of the criteria for your choice of vacuum cleaner, then you may wish to look at offerings from Bosch instead.  However if the main factor behind your decision is how well it actually works, then this could well be the vacuum cleaner for you.

Decent specification, with a thorough cleaning capability

In terms of specification, the X4 features a 1000w motor complete with a couple of clever additions.  Firstly the computer control system, which aims to position the vacuum head at the optimum height from the floor – this is based upon the flooring type, and helps provide superior suction.  Secondly, the motor has a shut down facility, which activates upon a blockage, thus eliminating damage.  The filtration system is a 3 way process, with a fleece filter removing dust via static.  The second micro filter removes yet further dust particles before the motor, and the final exhaust filter removes any excess – ideal for those who are sensitive to dust.  The weight is 8kg, which isn’t too bad given the build quality – which is very solid indeed! Two handles are featured, so you can pick up the vacuum from the front or rear.  The 10m cable provides an overall cleaning radius of around 16m

Does it come with any accessories?

Yes, included with this package are a crevice and upholstery nozzle, a stair cleaning hose, as well as an additional dusting brush and clamp.  All of these can be changed without tools, for ease of use.  The hose in particular is ideal for cleaning the stairs, to avoid having to carry the hoover itself.

So how does it actually perform in real life conditions?

Very well indeed.  Despite not making much noise, the suction levels are very strong, breathing life back into tired carpets.  Due to the unique automatic head adjustment, this vacuum deals admirably with pretty much any floor surface, and the dust filtration system leaves the room feeling fresh and dry.  Although it is a bagged vacuum, the replacement bags are not too expensive and hold a huge amount of waste for their size.  Moving the vacuum requires very little effort, and changing between tools is a relatively simple process that we soon got the hang of.

The only minor criticism we have is that it is a little bit heavy compared to other uprights – however this is due to the superior build quality and extra materials used.

Does the Sebo live up to it’s price tag?

In terms of performance and build quality – yes!  The vacuum is constructed to be very durable, and should last for years.  As mentioned above, performance is also superb. The only downside in terms of value is that you will need to buy replacement hoover bags periodically, so bear this in mind if money is tight.

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The good points of the Sebo X4 Extra

  • Incredible construction – it will put up with a lot of abuse!
  • Very strong suction, leaving even tired carpets looking refreshed
  • Fairly quiet in operation compared to other mains upright vacuums
  • Very durable – this vacuum will last for years, outliving the rest of your appliances!
  • Regularly used in the commercial environment – if it’s good enough for professional cleaners, it’ll certainly be effective for your home!

So how about the downsides of the X4?

  • It’s pretty heavy – there’s usually a trade off between strength, durability and weight.  The X4 features all three – so it may be unsuitable for the elderly, and those who need to carry it up and down stairs regularly.
  • Not as easy to manoeuvre as the lighter cordless vacuums, due to it’s size and weight.
  • It doesn’t look as modern or attractive as the offerings from Bosch and Dyson – if aesthetics are important to you, then you may wish to look elsewhere.
  • Bagged design – meaning you will need to purchase replacement bags every few months.
  • Due to changes in EU regulations, it’s not quite as powerful as it’s predecessor

To conclude: The X4 features plain looks but is a well built and high performing upright vacuum

On first glance, the SEBO X4 could have come from an older era of vacuum cleaners – however once you take a closer look it is soon apparent that this is a well thought out and high performing vacuum cleaner.  Granted, the X4 is not without flaws – being slightly cumbersome to manoeuvre up an down stairs, and the understated design might not appeal to all.  In terms of vacuum cleaning performance however, the X4 cannot be faulted, with both excellent suction and filtration, paired with what is probably the best build quality we’ve ever encountered.  In short, although the design is a touch on the plain side, we can’t find much to fault with the Sebo, and would wholeheartedly recommend this model to our readers.

SEBO Automatic X4 Extra Eco Features

  • The SEBO X4 Extra Eco features a 1100 watt motor, and an computer control system for enhanced performance, meaning the brush is always located the correct height for each flooring type.
  • Features S-Class filtration to help avoid allergies – perfect for allergy sufferers and those with asthma
  • The cleaning head is 31cm
  • Extras included within the package are a handy tight crevice and upholstery nozzles to help with the furniture, a dedicated stair cleaning hose, as well as a dusting brush and clamp
  • The Sebo hose system includes an integrated wand, with thoughtful easy blockage clearance
  • The guarantee is for 5 years for both parts and labour, assuming it is used for domestic purposes only
  • 8kg overall weight, measuring 117cm high, 30cm wide and 31cm deep
  • The dust capacity is a sizeable 3.5 litres
  • The cleaning radius of this vacuum is a huge 11 metres – meaning you won’t have to unplug the vacuum too often
  • Categorised in the energy efficiency class C, with an annual power consumption of 46.4 kwh
  • Low level of noise, with an average audio output of just 81dB
  • Provides a pet hair and turbine brush for added versatility
  • Motor shut down on event of blockage to avoid breakage
  • The Vacuum Model Number is 90577GB for those looking to research this model further
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • air passes through several fleece filters to remove all the fine dust particles.  These fibres utilise static to collect all of the stray dust.
  • Two other filters help to remove yet more dust, leaving your room fresh and clean
  • Operates even when flat, so you can easily slide under low profile furniture
  • Fully factory tested prior to dispatch
  • The toothed belts attached to the motor are designed for long life
  • 10 metre cable for flexibility
  • Coloured light system designed to illustrate the status of the vacuum cleaner
  • cassette style brush roller removal system, meaning swapping parts is a piece of cake
  • All of the accessory changes are implemented without the need for tools.

SEBO X4 Extra Eco Photo Gallery

Here are some high resolution photos of the X4 in action – click on any to view the larger version!

SEBO X4 Extra Eco Specification

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Manufacturer: SEBO
Model: X4 Extra Eco
Capacity: 3.5 litres
Style: upright
Type: bagged
Power Source: Mains
Power: 1100w
Voltage: 230v
Cord Type: corded
Cord Length: 10m
Colour: blue
Power Settings: 1
Weight: 8kg
Dimensions: 30cm by 117cm by 31cm
Extras: A Brush Roll, useful integrated tools, Pet fur feature and a effective turbine brush
Our Rating: 5/5