Philips Ultimate Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner Review

What Is The Philips PowerPro Ultimate FC9920/69?

Philips is a popular Dutch company that was founded back in 1891 and has produced a wide range of popular consumer electronics over the years. Although they aren’t particularly known for their vacuum cleaners, they have a few well-received models currently on the market. One such hoover is the Philips PowerPro Ultimate FC9920/69.

The PowerPro Ultimate is a bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner that has been specifically designed for allergy sufferers, and those with pets. While most vacuum manufacturers are dedicated to providing advanced filtration to capture allergens and other microscopic particles, many people have found relief after purchasing this particular hoover.

The main reason we are interested in this vacuum cleaner is that we understand the challenge pet owners face trying to maintain a clean home. We know this vacuum is good for allergy sufferers, but can it pick up pet hair from various flooring types and furniture? Read our Philips PowerPro Ultimate review to find out what we thought.


  • Floor Compatible – In addition to a 2-in-1 head for both hard flooring and carpets, the Ultimate also comes with a special head for hardwood floors.
  • Bagless – The generous 2.2-litre bagless dirt receptacle is popular for people who always find themselves running out of vacuum cleaner bags.
  • Modern Design – With slick styling and aluminium spoke rubber wheels this is a fashionable cylinder vacuum cleaner.
  • Energy Efficient – It has an ‘A’ energy rating and a modest but efficient 650 watt motor with variable power setting.


  • Rotating Brush – The lack of a rotating brush bar is limiting, and we think essential for most pet orientated hoovers.
  • Bulky – The PowerPro Ultimate is a little larger than its competitors, though the large wheels don’t make it difficult to use.

Philips PowerPro Ultimate Key Features

 HEPA 13 Filtration – Using their HEPA 13 filter this bagless cylinder hoover traps up to 99.9% of the dust, debris, allergens and other particles such as pollen as small as 0.3 microns. This ensures the air that is expelled from the exhaust is healthier to breathe. If you are an allergy sufferer this hoover could be a very welcome addition to your cleaning arsenal.

 Bagless with NanoClean Technology – Bagless hoovers are growing in popularity although many people are concerned with the dust being released back into the air when they empty it. The PowerPro Ultimate uses NanoClean technology which ensures the dust settles and you don’t get a dust cloud when you hold it over a bin.

 TriActiveMax Nozzle – This is the main head attachment that comes with the PowerPro Ultimate FC9920/69 which can be used on both hard flooring and carpeting. It features a soleplate to spread carpeting allowing it to pick up deeply embedded dirt, a large front opening so as not to miss bigger particles, and side brushes to clean edges as you go.

Design & Accessories

The Philips PowePro Ultimate FC9920/69 is designed to be the next evolutionary step in cylinder vacuum cleaners. It’s fair to say that most vacuum cleaners in this style aren’t particularly pleasing to the eye, but this is an exception. It’s styled primarily in a mixture of ‘sparkle black’ hard plastic, with various black and silver accents (not to mention blue accents on the floor heads). It also has two large aluminium spoke rubber wheels and a smaller rotating front wheel to make it easy to follow you around the house without capsizing or snagging. The extension tube is also made from aluminium.

It’s a little big for a cylinder vacuum cleaner which is worth keeping in mind for storage (though you can stand it upright), and weighs in at around 6.2kg. It has a complete radius of 11 meters with the long hose and power cord, so you don’t need to change outlets too often. As can be expected, it has an automatic cord retract function with the press of a large button on the back right-hand side of the machine, with the power button on the left. Above the power button is a slider that allows you to adjust the power setting. It also has a well-placed carry handle.

The dirt receptacle is clear so you can see when it needs to be emptied and is located on the front of the hoover. It’s easy to remove by grabbing the receptacle’s handle and pressing a button to lift it away from the unit. This also provides access to the pre-motor filter and housing which can be removed and cleaned under a running tap. At the back of the hoover is the HEPA 13 exhaust filter which can be replaced every 24 months.

All the connections and catches have a satisfying ‘click’ whether you’re attaching/detaching attachments, or removing and replacing the bin. This lends further credence to the build quality of the PowerPro Ultimate which is superb. The included attachments that come out of the box are as follows:

  • TriActiveMax Nozzle – Standard cleaning head for both hard and carpeted flooring.
  • TriActive Z Nozzle – Designed for cleaning hard flooring, especially delicate wood floors.
  • 2-in-1 Brush/Small Nozzle Tool – Can be used both for cleaning furniture and other odd tasks.
  • Crevice Tool – Great for difficult to reach areas.

Note: It’s possible to adjust the length of the metal extension; attach tools at the end if you choose, and even remove the hose from the main unit if it gets blocked. There is also a tool holder that can clip onto the hose if you’d like them handy while you clean the house.


Despite being quite large, the PowerPro Ultimate FC9920/69 isn’t difficult to use around the house at all, and the flexible hose makes it suitable for a number of tasks – whether vacuuming furniture or your car. At 650 watts, you wouldn’t expect it to be overly powerful but the suction is more than sufficient to outperform older vacuum cleaners that use more electricity. It’s also much quieter than most other corded vacuum cleaners, which is further emphasized with the rubber wheels as it doesn’t rattle over hard flooring as you drag it behind you.

The TriActiveMax head is very cleverly designed in that it works for all flooring types but doesn’t stick to thick rugs and carpeting excessively while still lifting up all the dirt, fluff and various debris on the max setting. It’s also not necessary to make more than one pass unless you have a lot of pet hair. On this front, it didn’t perform as superbly as we had hoped, but a couple extra passes on especially difficult areas did the job. In light of this, it doesn’t have any trouble with particles of all sizes. If you mainly have hard flooring then the TriActive Z head is much more effective at picking up dirt and hair quickly around the house.

It has more than enough suction to pick up pet hair and other debris from furniture using the small brush tool, though perhaps stiffer bristles would make the task easier. The variable power setting also meant that it was possible to clean curtains and small rugs without the fabric getting stuck.

Emptying the dirt canister was easy and didn’t take long to figure out, and it’s surprising just how much it does pick up. You won’t need to empty too often, though it’s probably good practice to do it after each vacuum.

As for the negative points, we found that the lack of a locking connection for the small crevice and brush tools was a problem as it was easy for them to fall off. The holder that attached to the hose to carry these additional tools also didn’t do a good job of keeping them secure, and perhaps storage space on or within the hoover itself would have been smarter.


The Philips PowerPro Ultimate FC9920/69 is quite expensive for a cylinder hoover at just under £290, although it’s one that you should be able to use for years to come. There is a standard 2-year warranty, and it’s possible to purchase additional cover when you buy from Amazon. Whether the hoover is worth the price is open for debate. There are certainly cheaper hoovers on the market that will do a similar job, though most people who have made the purchase are pleased and would do so again.


Overall, this is an impressive cylinder vacuum cleaner that is best suited for those who suffer from allergies, and like the idea of a bagless model. It is more than adequate for your normal household and car cleaning tasks (especially if you have hard floors), though only does an average job when it comes to collecting pet hair on carpets and furniture. It would have been nice if it incorporated a rotating brush head for the floor, and a stiff bristled brush for upholstery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need to replace the filter? 

The pre-motor filter can be washed by hand and used for the life of the machine. The HEPA 13 exhaust filter is not designed to be cleaned, but should rather be replaced every 24 months or so. 

How much is a HEPA 13 filter replacement?

You can purchase a replacement for £15.00.

I lost my instruction manual, is it possible to find it online?

Yes, you can find the manuals and documentation on the website.

What are the dimensions of the box?

595mm x 400mm x 352mm

How long is the power cord?

8 meters.

Do I need to use the full power setting?

Although many people just leave the power setting on their cylinder hoover on max, most people can get away with the medium setting on this to save electricity for standard cleaning.