Morphy Richards 732000 Review UK

he lightweight Morphy Richards 732000 Supervac is a stunning piece of kit, enabling you to easily switch between a heavy duty upright vacuum cleaner to mobile handheld vac at will. This versatile rechargeable hoover is very economically priced, and offers excellent suction together with a host of accessories.

Morphy Richards 732000

Charges fast, and has a decent battery life of around 20 minutes vacuuming. Very lightweight, reasonably priced, and wonderfully versatile with it’s two modes. Perfect for floors, furniture and stairs alike.Quite a small dust canister, so will need emptying fairly often. Asides from that, we simply can’t criticise the 732000, it’s great!

Our Morphy Richards 732000 Vacuum Review

The Supervac is Morphy Richards rechargeable vacuum, that is designed to be their low priced  alternative to some of the higher end Dyson vacuums.  It’s main selling point, other than it’s price, is the two-in-one feature, which enables you to quickly and easily transform the upright vacuum cleaner into a nimble handheld device, and vice versa.  Despite the low retail price and being relatively lightweight at around 4kg, the 732000 Supervac is well constructed and offers a surprising level of suction.  On paper it might not have the greatest specification, with a 100w motor and small dust canister volume, but in practice it works very well indeed.  In upright mode it’s perfect for a quick hoover about the house, dealing with a multitude of flooring quickly and effectively.  If you then need to tackle the stairs or furniture, and quick adjustment and you’re in handheld mode, which weighs even less and is perfect for those awkward to hoover areas. Charging time is around the 4 hour mark from scratch, which will provide you with around 15-20 minutes in our experience.  Due to the small dust canister you may have to empty it regularly, depending on how much debris you have to clear up.  Similarly you will need to replace the vacuum onto it’s charging dock after use to ensure it’s ready for the next time you need it.  In terms of accessories, included within the box are a crevice tool, an upholstery brush, and a dusting brush, which is fairly standard for the majority of new vacuum cleaners. So what did we think?  Not knowing a huge amount about Morphy Richards in terms of vacuum cleaners, we weren’t quite sure what to expect, especially due to the fact that it’s priced at a fraction of the cost of a Dyson.  However it performed very well, being as one tester put it “That perfect blend of value for money, lightweight and power”.  The Morphy Richards 732000 Supervac‘s sleek design looks modern yet attractive, and overall we were impressed with the level of detail as well as performance.  It might not be the most well known of brands in the vacuum world, but in terms of performance and value for money we simply can’t fault it.  It’s fast to charge, simple to operate, and at the current price is an absolute bargain.

Our Verdict for the Morphy Richards 732000 Vacuum Cleaner

If you can’t afford or justify spending the large amounts associated with Dyson and other high end vacuum cleaners, then this vacuum from Morphy Richards is the best alternative.  It’s very light and nimble when in use, and every operation – from converting it to handheld to charging to emptying the canister – is simple to carry out.  Light enough to be mobile, but heavy duty and powerful enough to be effective, the Morphy Richards 732000 certainly lives up to it’s name of “Supervac”!  Highly recommended by us.

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  • Cordless system – no more snagged cables, or being restricted by the distance between your vacuum and the nearest mains socket – giving you greater freedom and uninterrupted cleaning.
  • Perfect for quick daily vacuuming – ideal for the kitchen, living room and bedrooms, with a decent level of suction on multiple varied surfaces.
  • Easy to store, with a collapsing handle to take up less room.  Simply slots into the recharging cradle for storing and charging so it’s ready for the next time you need it.
  • 2 in 1 system – can be transformed between a regular upright vacuum cleaner for larger vacuuming jobs, as well as into a small handheld unit for the smaller quick jobs where an upright design is not as suitable – perfect for furniture and stairs.
  • 20 minutes worth of hoovering power from one charge
  • swiveling head for accuracy and ease of use
  • charges automatically when placed on the supplied charging cradle
  • incredible versatile, due to the 2 in 1 design, which lends the 732000 Supervac a degree of flexibility
  • dust canister is simple to remove and empty – no more bags needed, due to the bagless design, which is both environmentally friendly and cheaper in the long run.
  • 100w of power complete with a 14 volt rechargeable battery
  • a handy crevice tool, effective upholstery brush, and a versatile dusting brush are all included within the box
  • just 3.9kg in weight – incredibly light and easy to carry about the house.


Manufacturer: Morphy Richards
Model: 732000
Capacity: 0.3 litres
Style: upright
Type: bagless
Power Source: Battery
Power: 100w
Voltage: 14v
Cord Type: cordless
Cord Length: n/a
Colour: silver
Power Settings: 4
Weight: 3.9kg
Dimensions: 18cm by 27.5cm by 113cm
Extras: crevice tool, an upholstery brush, and a dusting brush
Our Rating: 5 out of 5