Morphy Richards 2-In-1 Supervac Review

What Is The Morphy Richards 732005 SuperVac?

As a general rule, the higher priced cordless vacuum cleaners are more likely to offer similar suction and performance to that of their corded counterparts. However, for those who don’t want to pay a hefty price tag, are there cheaper models that can compete?

Morphy Richards have been making various household appliances since the 1930’s and have tried to address this problem by introducing a wide range of SuperVac cordless hoovers. These models are available at all price points. However, their 732005 SuperVac 2-in-1 is one of their entry-level models that costs less than £100, can be used as an upright and handheld, and also comes with various accessories.

We have decided to buy one and test it exhaustively in this 732005 SuperVac review, to see just how well it compares with other cordless vacuums on the market. Find out if it’s nothing more than a gimmick or an appliance that can make your life easier without breaking the bank.


  • 2-in-1 – Can be used as an upright for home cleaning, and as a small handheld for increased. Also includes accessories for cleaning furniture, stairs, edges and other areas.
  • Manoeuvrable – It’s cordless, lightweight and easy to vacuum your home with the swivel head.
  • Floor Friendly – Can be used on both carpeted and hard floors without the need to change heads.
  • Compact – Contains a collapsible handle which makes it easy to store when not in use.


  • Dirt Capacity – Holding just 0.3 litres of dirt and debris means you’ll have to empty it frequently. Though the removable receptacle makes this an easy job.
  • Run Time – Compared to some of the expensive models the runtime isn’t impressive at 35 minutes on the low power setting.

Morphy Richards SuperVac Key Features

 2-in-1 Functionality – The primary selling point of the 732005 SuperVac cordless hoover is that is can be used both as a traditional upright and a handheld. The upright contains the main housing and head with motorized brush bar, while the handheld (the main hoover with dirt receptacle) can be removed with a simple release button for other tasks.

 Low and High Power – Unlike some other affordable models, the 722005 has a low and high power setting. Many will find the high power setting especially necessary on carpeted flooring.

 Easy Charging and Storage – Contains a collapsible handle to minimise the SuperVac’s footprint when in storage, along with a charging cradle to make sure it’s ready when you need it. The charging cradle can also store the provided accessories.

Battery Life

While Morphy Richards doesn’t provide information on the type of battery used, we suspect it’s lithium-ion as is the case with the majority of rechargeable appliances. However, we know the battery provides 18 volts and can supply continuous power for up to 35 minutes on the lowest power setting. As mentioned, it comes with a charging cradle which should be placed where you plan to store the cordless hoover.

It takes around 5 hours to charge fully, though most people can get away with a 3-hour charge. There is an indicator light that glows red while charging and changes to green once the 732005 SuperVac is fully charged. Unfortunately, there isn’t a battery life indicator to tell you how much juice you have left while it’s in use. While the hoover should hold the charge when unplugged for several days according to the manufacturer, it’s recommended to always leave it on charge so it’s at full capacity when needed.

Design & Accessories

In terms of design, the 732005 SuperVac actually comes across as a sturdy piece of plastic hardware and makes a classic statement with its wine red and black colouring with light grey accents. It won’t win any awards for contemporary styling, but it’s not a bad looking machine either. For those who prefer upright hoovers, it’s ergonomic, light (a little under 4kg), and easy to use – which also means it’s elderly friendly. It has a somewhat unique design in that the heart of the machine is the handheld which can be detached using a simple release located around the handheld handle. This is useful for when you have hard to reach areas or furniture to go over – or simply want to quickly clean crumbs off a tabletop. It’s easy to reassemble my reversing the action and clicking it back into place (suction end in first).

The low capacity dirt receptacle (0.3 litres) means you will need to empty it frequently. To do this remove the handheld and separate the dust canister/receptacle by pressing the release below the power button. Remove the filter housing and empty the dirt into a bin. When doing this you should also brush or tap the filter housing against the bin to remove debris before reassembling.

It’s recommended to wash internal foam filter at least once a month using cold water only. Also included is a pleated HEPA filter which is great for those with allergies. SuperVac comes with a detailed instruction booklet to help you understand how to use and maintain it properly, but it’s rather intuitive and easy to figure out.

The included accessories are designed to be used with the handheld only. These include:

  • Crevice tool for tight spaces and corners.
  • Upholstery nozzle for carpeting, stairs and furniture.
  • Dusting brush which fits over the upholstery nozzle when needed.

Size & Dimensions

The Morphy Richards Supervac is a lightweight, cordless vacuum that weighs just 2.8kg and is one of our lightest cordless vacuums.

  • Height – 42 inches
  • Width – 10 inches
  • Weight – 2.8kg


While the build quality and ease of use have been testified, the primary area that people are concerned about when purchasing the Morphy Richards 732005 SuperVac is performance. Right off the bat it feels nimble and does a great job on hard flooring, and is decent on most carpeting. It’s worth noting that it’s not ideal for high traffic or very dirty areas, especially on carpeting. However, if you don’t wait too long between vacuums you won’t have too much of an issue. One thing you will notice is that it needs emptying very often, usually at least once or twice in one session depending on how large your home is.

The roller brush does get clogged up with hair and debris easily so it might not be the best option for homes with lots of hair (whether the animal or humankind). You’ll find it necessary to remove the beater brush often to keep the hoover performing as it should. This is easy to do using a screwdriver, knife or coin to turn the locking button on the brush cover (back of the head) from the locked to the unlocked position. You can then clear out the debris and use a pair of scissors for any tangled hair.

The suction isn’t powerful as you would expect with a corded model, but the motorized brush assists with picking up heavy or large debris. On occasion, you will definitely need to use the high setting and go over soiled carpeted areas more than once. One novelty that is handy is the ability to remove the handheld while you’re vacuuming to tackle furniture and dusty areas as you move around. The attachments are also easy to use with the handheld.

If you don’t want to use the motorized brush while it’s in the upright position, turn it on using the power button on the handheld rather than the handle of the main hoover.


The 732005 SuperVac is perfectly priced for those who would like to try out a cordless hoover for the first time without breaking the bank. There are other models on the market that are similar in price, but it performs better than expected. Morphy Richards also offers a two-year guarantee which is fairly standard, though it’s important you register with them after purchasing otherwise you’ll only be entitled to one year.


Overall this model is light, fun to use and built remarkably well for such an affordable cordless hoover. Having said that, it works well with hard flooring and is better suited for apartments and small houses. If you have a large property, lots of carpeting, and/or pets then you can still use it as a second hoover for quick clean ups. However, it wouldn’t be advised to use this as your main deep clean hoover, and especially if you don’t clean often.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this come with a filter, and if so can I purchase spares?

Yes, this comes with both a foam and HEPA pleated filter. Both can be purchased online as spares if you need to change them.

Is the SuperVac noisy? 

No, it’s actually one of the quietest cordless models on the market.

Is this good at cleaning edges?

For the most part yes, though on occasion you may find it necessary to use the handheld (either with or without the crevice tool).

Can I clean the filters?

Yes. can keep using them for a long time but you should clean them once a month with running cold water. Don’t use soap.

Does the SuperVac 732005 hoover come with a warranty?

It comes with a 1-year warranty as standard, though you should register it with Morphy Richards to get an additional year.

Can this pick up pet hair? 

It does pick up hair relatively easy, though you will need to remove the beater brush more often to clean it if you have animals.