Miele C2 Vacuum Review

A compact black vacuum, the C2 promises a powerful performance, but does it live up to expectations? After a compact vacuum cleaner, but not prepared to sacrifice suction? With the new legislation brought in to ban high powered vacuum cleaners, your options have been somewhat limited; however with the Miele C2 we may just have unearthed a gem. In this review we take an in-depth look at the C2 Complete Powerline and establish whether it lives up to it’s promises, or is found somewhat lacking.

Reviewing the compact Miele C2 Complete Vacuum – is it any good?

Compact design, very quiet in operation, strong suction, Miele reliability and simple to operate! You’ll need to buy replacement bags as an ongoing cost. Possibly too powerful for some users, although this can easily be adjusted.

Does the compact design and low weight impede the Miele C2 performance?

When reviewing compact vacuum cleaners, we usually find there’s a trade off – essentially you have to choose any two of the following three criteria – small, powerful and cheap.  In this case, the Miele C2 appears to be both compact and powerful, but with a price tag which places it at the higher end of the market.  But does this 4.5 litre vacuum justify it’s price tag, or will it leave you unsatisfied with a hole in your pocket? Read on to find out.

Sleek black polished shell

This particular C2 model features a polished black casing – however it is also available in deep red and blue colour schemes too.  In terms of construction, the bulk is manufactured from a high strength plastic, although many of the moveable parts such as the telescopic tube consist of sturdy steel.  The XL handle is pretty ergonomic, even for those with smaller or larger hands, and the overall look is one of a modern appliance, and far more subtle than the bright multicoloured offerings of Miele’s rivals.  The compact size of the C2 means storage will be simple, especially considering the built in accessory holder.  Our testers were impressed by this attention to detail – no more hunting for lost accessories at the back of the cupboard!

Onto the C2 specification

It’s designed around a 1600w motor, with a three stage filtration system and a 10m operating circumference.  A 4.5 dust container helps store the waste, which is lined with a fleece inner to help retain more dust than it’s competitors.  This new range of Miele vacuums has effectively cut power consumption in half due to a new effective design, using 59.5 kilowatt hour per year, with an overall energy efficiency rating of G.  Noise is kept to a minimum at 80dB, and in terms of size the body measures 59cm by 38cm by 27.5cm.

What’s in the box then?

As part of the C2 package, you’ll find the vacuum itself, complete with a telescopic tube and a useful accessory kit.  This comprises of a crevice nozzle for those awkward to access areas, a regular dusting brush and a soft upholstery nozzle for dealing with furniture and curtains.  A nice design feature of the C2 Powerline is the fact that these all clip into the vacuum body, a tidy and elegant solution which will hopefully result in less loss parts!  Also included is a manual, the vacuum handle and hose, regular floorhead, a single dust bag to get you started and the AirClean filter for effective cleaning.

Tiny yet packing quite a punch!

So what’s it like in use? Surprisingly powerful – to the extent that we rarely had this vacuum on the highest setting, instead turning it down considerably.  Even when set on the halfway marking, the C2 sucks up everything in it’s path, which is pretty miraculous given the size of the appliance.  If you aren’t the strongest of people, then you probably won’t need to use the highest level, as it can be a slightly difficult to manoeuvre due to the vacuum head gripping the floor.  That said, it’s very comfortable to hold, and light enough to carry about without too much trouble.

In terms of noise, it’s very quiet – so will be highly suitable for those who need to keep the volume down.  Another positive is that you won’t need to unplug the vacuum too much when moving about the house – we measured the maximum distance from the socket at just under 10 metres.  The dial controls are a piece of cake to use, even if wearing gloves.

We were slightly concerned that the stored accessories might be a hindrance when not in use, adding bulk to the vacuum – however we soon forgot that they were fitted.  The only real possible flaws are that eventually you will need to buy replacement bags, although admittedly these aren’t too costly, and that the instruction manual is mainly text, without many handy photos or diagrams.  That said it’s a vacuum cleaner, so you shouldn’t need much guidance from the booklet!

Does it offer good value for money?

In our opinion, yes.  Granted, the C2 isn’t the cheapest cylinder vacuum available, but in this case you get what you pay for – a high performing reliable compact vacuum. It’s quite an investment, but will stand the test of time.  Given the popularity of this model, obtaining additional vacuum bags in years to come won’t be an issue either.

So what are the C2’s strengths?

  • Compact size – perfect for those without much storage space.
  • Very quiet when in use – ideal for those where noise is an issue.
  • Exceptional suction power – chances are you won’t need to run this on the highest setting.
  • Large usable circumference – anywhere within 10 metres of the mains socket.
  • Reliable – Miele are known for creating long lasting appliances – this model has undergone product rigorous testing of the equivalent of 20 years usage to ensure it lasts in the real world.
  • The easy grip controls can be operated by anyone, regardless of gloves, strength or dexterity.
  • Clever design – the accessories clip inside the main body for easy access and storage.

And how about the flaws?

  • It’s a bagged vacuum cleaner – meaning you will have to buy replacement vacuum bags.
  • Very powerful – this is a positive attribute – however you may need to turn down the power setting to the mid ranges if it’s too much effort to push across the floor when on the highest setting.
  • The instruction manual is a little on the wordy side – a few more diagrams to break up the text would have been nice.
  • It may be a touch too expensive for some consumers.

So overall it’s pretty good then?!

In short yes.  Considering the size and low power consumption, the Miele C2 is nothing short of incredible.  The filter system leaves the room feeling clean and dry, and despite the fact you’ll need to buy replacement bags every few months, it still represents excellent value.  We were very impressed by the construction and design, and when paired with Miele’s hard earned reputation, would wholeheartedly recommend this model to our readers.  If you need a compact vacuum cleaner, then this is as good as any model we’ve tested.

Miele Complete C2 PowerLine Features

  • 1600w motor results in staggering suction on all surfaces
  • 10 metre cleaning circumference means less time spent transferring between mains sockets
  • Rotary dials and simple and fast to operate, regardless of strength or ability
  • Includes a host of accessories, all of which clip inside for tidy and accessible storage
  • Tested to the equivalent of 20 years usage – Miele have an outstanding reputation for creating long lasting appliances
  • The C2 is a cylinder vacuum, with telescopic tube to reach awkward spaces.
  • Crevice nozzle included for tight areas
  • Synthetic Dusting brush is perfect for lighter duties
  • Upholstery nozzle works to keep your furniture clean
  • Finished in a polished “obsidian” black colour scheme
  • Net weight of 6kg
  • The C2 is 38cm high, 59cm wide and 27.5 long
  • Features automatic dustbag positioning
  • Built in AirClean filter to help with dust allergies
  • Rated class B in dust emissions
  • When being used on carpets, it ranks as class D
  • When cleaning hard floors it ranks as a class C vacuum
  • In Energy efficiency it scores class G
  • 4.5 litre dust capacity
  • Very quiet in use – around 80dB

Miele C2 Photo Gallery

Below are some high resolution photos of the Miele C2 Complete – click on each one to view the larger version of this compact vacuum.

Miele C2 Complete Powerline Specification

Manufacturer: Miele
Model: C2
Capacity: 4.5 litres
Style: cylinder
Type: bagged
Power Source: Mains
Power: 1600w
Voltage: 230v
Cord Type: corded
Cord Length: 10m
Colour: black
Power Settings: 6
Weight: 6kg
Dimensions: 38cm by 59cm by 27.5cm
Extras: Crevice nozzle, a Dusting brush and a handy Upholstery nozzle, all of which fold and store away neatly within the body of the vacuum cleaner via the varioclip system.
Our Rating: