Best Karcher Window Vacuum Reviews UK

It has always been the most difficult job to clean the windows in your home or office, right? The dust particles will be settled on the sils or the panes. But don’t worry because as this article gives you the solution for it. Window Vacuums are used to get that shine on the windows, that is, to clean it and make it crystal clear. Now, You might be wondering about which ones to buy, right? Well, this article gives you all the information about the best and top window vacuums currently in the market.

Top Karcher Window Vacuum Reviews

1. Kärcher Window Vac WV 1

The Karcher Window Vac is a miraculous piece of equipment. It comes in a grey and yellow color with a black fins at the top. The Karcher Vac is absolutely portable as it is small as its dimensions are 130 X 250 X 275. The cleaning blade of the Karcher vac is approximately 250 mm which is pretty wide. By this blade, you can easily cover a large area of space in a very short duration of time. This Vacuum cleaner is pretty lightweight as it just weighs about 0.55 kg. This will make it easier for you as you can make a lot of movements with this cleaner. At the bottom of the cleaner is a dust tank where the dust gets collected. You can always empty it by just clicking a button and pouring it out. The Karcher Vac WV1 is made from a strong and durable Lithium Ion battery. You can charge the cleaner for an approximate time of two hours and after that, you can cruise around your house cleaning. The WV1 can clean up to an area of 55 square meters including bathroom tiles, mirrors, window panels and sils, furniture and many more. For charging for about 2 hours, it gives you twenty minutes of cleaning time which is more than the required time by which you can complete cleaning. 

2. Kärcher Window Vac Anniversary Edition

The Karcher Vac Anniversary Edition is one of the most efficient and premium cleaners manufactured by the Kracher company. Just like the previous one, this also comes in a yellow and grey design and outlook. With this vacuum, you won’t even need to break even a single sweat as it makes the cleaning very easy and simple. You can clean almost anything like tiles, windows, windowsills, furniture’s, mirrors etc. The battery life of this cleaner is impeccable and long lasting as it can clean an area of 205 square meters just on a single charge. In terms of windows, that is approximately up to 35 windows. Now, coming to the quality of the cleaning, you can attach different suction heads, that is, the small size and the large size depending upon what you are cleaning. The cleaner comes with a spray bottle kit which has one 250 ml detergent spray to make your cleaning much more effective.

3. Kärcher Window Vac WV5 Premium

The WV5 premium model is also one of the most popular in the Kärcher series. The vacuum cleaner is small and portable. Furthermore, you can store it easily as it won’t take up a lot of space. This model is very efficient as it can clean the windows completely and it also removes the extra wastewater from the surface of the windows before it drips down. So, you can clean without any difficulties. Next is the size of the nozzles attached to the front-end of the cleaner. You can choose between two sizes, that is, the smaller one and the larger one according to your requirement. The WV5 premium model can clean anything like tiles, furniture, mirrors, cabinets and windows. This will keep your home shining. This cleaner also has a special feature where it reaches out to all the hard-to-reach corners and makes it sparkly. The battery life is excellent and very durable. You can clean a surface of up to 105 square meters uninterrupted just on a single charge. 

4. Kärcher Window Vac WV 2

The Kärcher WV2 model is very small, portable, and convenient. This model is very efficient as it leaves no drops or streaks while cleaning and makes everything it cleans shiny. The WV2 model is absolutely very light and does not make any sounds while it is cleaning. You can clean everything such as the windows, window sills, furniture, mirrors, tiles and even cabinets. This model is very powerful as it can clean up to 25 windows in just a single charge of duration 25 minutes. The model comes with an LED indicator which indicates the battery status. The handle of the cleaner allows you to reach difficult areas and clean it thoroughly. The dirty or unclean water can be drained out after cleaning very easily. 

5. Karcher Window Vac Premium WV2 

The Vac WV2 premium version comes in a light yellow and grey combination. This cleaner is very efficient and easy to handle. As it is small in size, you can store it easily. The Vac WV2 premium model removes the wastewater present immediately and does not leave even a single drop or a streak. The nozzle of this cleaner comes in two sizes, the small and the large one. You can choose any one according to your requirements at that time. With the WV2, you can easily clean the windows, window sills, furniture, tiles and even cabinets, without breaking any sweat. The battery is made of Lithium Ion and is very powerful and durable. The cleaner can clean up to approximately 25 windows in just a single charge. 

6. Karcher WV6 Premium Window Vac

The Karcher WV6 Premium Window Vac is thoroughly efficient as it uses the new Liquid Silicone Technology. In this, the Liquid Silicone helps you to clean a very large area without leaving any dots or streaks. In other words, it will be perfect and shining. The battery is very powerful and absolutely durable as it can go up to 100 minutes of cleaning on just a one-time charge. This Lithium Ion battery can clean up to 300 square meters on a single charge. Amazing, right? This cleaner comes with a LED battery indicator which blinks when the charge is almost empty. You can plan your cleaning perfectly now. The WV6 Premium model also supports fast charging as it is infused with the latest charging technology. It also comes with a larger water tank and this means lesser dirty water. Overall, this is one of the best Karcher cleaners. 

7. Karcher WV2 2nd Generation

The Karcher WV2 2nd Generation also has the latest Liquid Silicone Technology. Hence, this makes your cleaning much easier and faster. Because of the Liquid Silicone Technology, you can observe streak less and drop less cleaning. With the WV2 cleaner, you can easily clean furniture, tiles, window, window sills and even cabinets. The battery is made of Lithium Ion and it is just impeccable. With a single charge, you can clean an area of 200 square meters.