Hoover Freedom 3 in 1 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, FD22G Reviews UK

Are you tired of your old corded vacuum? Are you frustrated of carrying around heavy machinery which was termed as ‘vacuum cleaner’? Do you need a new vacuum which is paired with new technology yet the same old reliability? If yes, then Hoover’s FD22G is the right cleaner for you. 

Hoover is one of the oldest brands of vacuum cleaners. It is a trustworthy and reliable vac which has been satisfying people for years. The FD22G model works amazingly on all kinds of surfaces, beginning with carpets and moving to hardwood floors. It has got rotating brush bars on the front which allows clean vacuuming on floors. Its neck has limited swiveling capacity. The neck can be tilted just to clean. Its bristles are soft and can be used for multiple purposes. The suction is powerful enough to beautifully clean all the trash lying on floors. However, the vacuum cannot suck in large granules of anything. It is not made for it. Rather small dust particles and small crumbles of food can be picked up. To have efficient cleaning, it is recommended to use the attachments provided with the machine. The suction is said to be decent and so is the power of the machine.

 For those who are tired of cable wires, this vac if a must-have for this vacuum cleaner is cordless. The user won’t have to worry about the cable lying in your way while cleaning nor will the problem of changing the plugs from room-to-room will arise. It runs on batteries. Lithium-ion batteries of 22 V are required. If the machine is charged once, then it can be continuously run for 25 minutes. It is advised to not use the machine beyond 25 minutes. This way, you can increase the life of the machine. However, some users have reviewed to have used the cleaner for 30 minutes but this would depend on the kind of floor the vac is being used on. A battery indicator makes your task simple. If you are cleaning and the battery runs out, an LED indicator will tell you to charge the machine immediately. Unlike other vacs, this machine takes 6 hours to charge. You can charge the machine when you are not using or even after you’ve just used. The machine, when charging, can be mounted on the wall if you do not want it lying in your way with the help of wall mount. Or you can plug in the machine and keep it on the ground to charge. The machine can be left to charge permanently because of its Smart Charging feature. 

The machine is made by keeping its design compact. One can store this away in a tiny space in a corner of your house. In addition, the vacuum cleaner can be converted into handheld from stick and this is possible only after pressing one button. You can lose the stick and then use this small vac for dusting cushions, curtains or even your furniture. Car interiors can be vacuumed with this handheld machine effortlessly. With the stick, you can reach high places. No customer will have to face carrying a heavy vac around. This machine weighs 2.2 kg only including the weight of the stick. Without the stick, it weighs 1.4 kg making the task of cleaning effortless for you. It is lighter than more vacuums which mean you can reach all awkward places, cracks and crevices without having to struggle to clean it like the way you want. The control buttons are right on top of the stick, where the handle is, so that you can change the settings on the machine without having to stop, fiddle around with the buttons or stoop down and find the right setting. 

This cleaner has two additional features mainly, trigger mode and continuous mode. With the trigger mode, you can clean continuously without wasting any battery. It gives you the satisfaction of deep cleaning. Also, after you are done, you can stop. Or you can take breaks in between as well. With continuous mode, you can use one lever to activate the mode. One won’t strain his fingers with the help of this continuous mode. After pressing, the machine will work as long as you don’t press the lever again. Or you even have the option of keeping the button pressed but that would reduce the battery life of the machine. With the continuous mode, battery life will be increased. The design of the handle allows users to have a good grip while using. 

This product of Hoover has 0.7 liter capacity of dust canister which is a lot more than most machines have. It doesn’t have to be emptied frequently. The process of emptying is simpler, too. All you have to do is press the release button. All the trash will come right outside so while emptying, it is advised to hold the machine right above trash bin. Once in a while, you will have to use your hand to clean the leftover trash in the machine. The machine has two filters however, they are of basic level. Due to this, dust may be left out in the air after releasing the trash in the bin. This vac is not recommended to asthma patients or allergic patients as well. 

Attachments provided with the package include a charger to charge the machine, a crevice tool to clean in between the cracks or tight areas like between couch seats, a 2-in-1 dusting brush and upholstery nozzle to ease the efforts of cleaning in difficult areas. It is also ideal for cleaning furniture, car interiors and delicate surfaces as well. 

With the suction low and the lethargic brush bar, it is impossible for this vacuum cleaner to pick up pet hair. Pet hair stuck in nylon carpets won’t be picked up though in wool carpets, if the amount of hair is less, then it can somewhat pick up the hair. However, the machine will need vacuuming if pet hair is tried to clean because the pet hair would become a ball due to the rubber valve flap at the entrance of the bin. With stairs, the hoover is handy because the floor-head is attached directly to the body. 

Customers have found the weight of the machine the most ideal. The compact design and various uses of the machine make it reliable. For being cordless and lightweight the vacuum cleaner is loved. Even though the machine cannot pick up pet dander, it is ideal for everyday cleaning. Some customers have found the machine a little disappointing although it has turned out to be good for most of the customers. This is an everyday use vac and can be used for small and medium sized houses. For large houses, the machine will have to be charged multiple times.