Best Henry Hoover Range Vacuum Reviews UK 2020

Henry Hoovers are one of the best known vacuum cleaners in the UK, with a reputation for being incredibly tough, hard wearing and reliable. These hoovers come in a variety of colours, and use a bagged system, and are powered by mains electricity.

They are manufactured by Numatic, and are sturdy enough for both domestic, commercial or industrial use. The main appeal of a henry vacuum cleaner is the sturdiness of construction, as well as the reliability and high performance. Each model comes with the infamous Henry face on the side of the vacuum cleaner, and popular colours include red, green and pink. Our Henry Hoover reviews can be found below, each of which is in-depth and impartial.

Top Henry Hoover Range Vacuum Reviews UK 2020

1. Henry Harry Vacuum Cleaner

Highlighting Features

  • Removes Pet Hairs
  • Eliminates Pet odors
  • Powerful suction

Many of you must be aware of this little guy. It does bring a smile on your face as him. It carries everything that comes along in its way. It moves around very easily also very simple for you to carry it. It is durable and is also available at a reasonable price. It is so handy that you would not mind cleaning up your house on daily basis. A vacuum is best in true nature if it can get even the smallest particles that are stuck deep. Harry here can get it all. You can effortlessly clean up even from your carpets or any corner of your house.

The vacuum is produced in UK itself. Its amazing feature not to forget is the ability to get rid of pet hairs. Now you can get along with your pets and allow them to roam around in your house. Need not worry about the stubborn hairs anymore. It has perfectly designed Hairo Brush which is so powerful that you can get done with your job within seconds. Still not enough with it. It also has the facility of charcoal activated Micro Fresh Filter that removes even the odor of pets which annoys much more if in the house. Now, you can have much fresh air for breathing still allowing you to play with your pets. The technology is made so powerful that it captures dust from staircase and carpets with ease. It is a technology which can last for years with the same powerful suction. The cable of vacuum is 10 meters long for easy mobility. Unlike some bag less vacuum this machine is able to collect the dust 5 times bigger than a common vacuum. You do not have to go through the process of emptying it over again. Another plus point, it has an auto-seal to the bag so that whenever you want to empty it the place should not become a mess providing you an easy throw away facility. The machine is also very lightweight.

The Harry vacuum is just the perfect piece for your house and best one for the pet owners. You do your work of enjoying living in your house itself and it will do its work of keeping your place cleaner and safer to live in.

2. Henry Xtra Vacuum Cleaner 

Highlighting Features

  • Xtra bagged cylinder
  • For pet owners
  • Easy cleaning
  • Powerful in use

The name of the vacuum explains itself much better. This vacuum has extra features than the harry vacuum. It does its job very well and the attachments that come along are also very useful. If you want a powerful one at a valuable price go for this one. It feels so satisfying when you find that you have a machine that makes your job way too easy and saves a lot of your time giving you cleaner surrounding. I would highly recommend to try this product and make the best use of it.

This red colored vacuum is very powerful in use plus is very lightweight to carry around. It is an ideal machine for the pet owners. The technology is perfectly designed which includes Airo Brush to remove all the pet hairs may it be on hard floors or even from your carpets. The powerful airflow of the vacuum helps to operate the turbo brush which efficiently cleans even from the staircase and from the fibers of your carpets. The suction performance is so good that it works even on laminates, tiles and wood. This is an all-rounder machine due to its versatility. You can trap dust way much in bigger quantity in this machine unlike an ordinary one. It is also very easy to get rid of it the dust and waste as it has a self-seal tab which does not allow leakage preventing you from any mess. The vacuum has the capacity of 9 L which means that you can now work for longer hours and need not empty it frequently. The cable wire is 10m long for easy mobility around the house. It also has on board storage facility do that you can store the vacuum without any difficulty. This is a model with increased features and an amazingly designed technology. The machine that is going to get you through your work with ease it is this one. Buy one you will not regret it. 

3. Hetty HET160 Vacuum Cleaner

Numatic W3787 Hetty Vacuum Cleaner
414 Reviews

Highlighting Features

  • 2 Hose
  • Compact
  • More attachments
  • Amazing power

The next one up is Hetty. Why shouldn’t we have a female smile face also? That is when this pink colored smiley face was introduced to everyone. This is similar to harry with some slightest changes. This is a friendly vacuum and way too easy to handle. It is very easy to move around the house so that you can clean up pretty fast. You will find it an excellent piece when you use it which is available at a very reasonable price. 

Numatic takes a lot of effort to produce a perfect machine for you and live up to the expectation. It has created its reputation over years and does not let you down in any way. The vacuum has a switch which allows you change the power of the suction however you need. It can change from high to low. The lower mode can be used for hard floors as well as the higher suction power is required to clean the deep dusts on your carpets. Unlike others this vacuum contains not just one but 2 hoses so that you can reach places very easily you need not buy another one. It is the only one that provides an extra hose to save your time and energy. The switch to change can be switched easily with your foot so that you do not have to bend over. With the extended hose you can easily use it to clean the staircase. The vacuum is a bit heavy but need not worry because it has wheels on its base to carry from room to room very easily. This makes your cleaning process accurate and quick. The vacuum works excellent on any type of floors due to its versatile nature. The powerful suction removes all the debris from your carpets effortlessly. Talking about the hard floors it is best for it as well. Within no times it removes all the particles smoothly so that you do not have to struggle with the cleaning part. It also contains floor heads whose main work is to remove the dust from the edges of your walls. It does have many attachments which makes it overall a good product. The adapter is given so that you do not have to attach it on the handle instead you can attach it directly. The crevice tool is a perfect tools for cleaning even the smallest particles may it be located in the corners of your house. It also contains a dusting brush which helps you to clean the delicate surfaces in your house perfectly without causing any harm.  The nozzle contains a removable bush for you to easily clean up may it be any kind of furniture. You can easily store the machine with the help of attachment storage which is available at the back of the machine. Isn’t it amazing that you get the compact machine along with easy cleaning? You have an easy access to the bag which collects the dust and allergies. You can easily see when the bag is filled and that you need to change it. Like other henry range this one too has a seal on the bag preventing the dust particles to come out of the bag. You can directly throw away the bag when it is filled up. Also the bag has a capacity to fill up to 6 litres so that you do not have to take the effort of changing it again and again. 

In short this is a product of powerful suction with the facility to store it easily. It is a full package of amazing features which cannot be ignored if you want to have a perfect vacuum for you as it is said if you are investing money in to something it should be worth it. This vacuum is perfect piece for you house. You can surely go for one. 

4. Hetty HET 200 Vacuum Cleaner

Highlighting features

  • Power switch
  • Filtration system
  • Larger dust capacity
  • Accessory kit

This is another pink colored vacuum coming with amazing features. Numatic does always come up with the best products. This is similar to the henry apart from the color and price of the vacuum. So if you prefer a pink colored smiley face go for this one. To be honest with all the dark colored vacuums out there it is always nice to have a bright color vacuum instead of the dull ones. The vacuum is not lightweight but is good in use, works smoothly. The vacuum can easily be moved because along with the fixed wheels it also has 2 caster wheels to move it from place to place without taking much effort. This is another feature that attracts many customers as most people avoid manual pick up that is why you buy a vacuum machine right? Hetty is a bagged vacuum which makes sure that you do not have to face the problem of emptying it frequently as it has a capacity of to fill up to 9 liters of waste in the bas. Also the bags can be replaced with the new ones as they are easily available in the market. You may need an extra hose for using it on the staircase because hetty is circular in shape and you may find the original hose short in size. Also the weight of vacuum is 8 kg it is bit heavy so you have to use it properly and safely. The cable of vacuum is 10 meter long which allows you an effective and effortless cleaning. The sole plate of the vacuum is made up of steel so that you can have a smooth cleaning of the floors. You can also change the suction power of the motor with the help of a switch. You can use high mode for a stronger suction on the hard floors in order to collect debris and the low mode can be used according to the need. It works pretty much less on the carpets so you have to struggle a bit more there. The attracting feature of this vacuum is that even the wattage is low you need not worry about the suction power. The suction power is good even with the low power mode. The machine also has a feature of filtration. The work of this feature is to reduce the odor in the house for a cleaner air. It also comes along with many accessories which you may find of great use. It contains an upholstery nozzle for proper cleaning of your cushions and beds, dusting brush for delicate cleaning, crevice tool to remove the smallest particles precisely, and also 2 extension tubes along with it. 

With all the reliability and the excellent performance including the great capacity of bagged system we can say that it comes at a very reasonable price. You can surely go for this pink product.  

5. George GVE370-2 Vacuum Cleaner

Highlighting Features

  • 3 in 1 tool
  • Powerful suction
  • For pet owners
  • Many attachments

 Another member of the family is George. I am surprised to see how amazing feature it provides to its users. You would surely not regret having bought it into your house. It is the most powerful and reliable machine. It is perfect even for the pet owners and can also use it for ordinary cleaning purposes. Though it is not as powerful as the harry but works extremely well. 

The amazing benefit that the user has over this machine is that it contains two modes for cleaning. May it be wet or dry cleaning you can easily clean up by just switching the mode. The vacuum is powerful in both of the modes and also contains a waterproof cover on it in order to prevent it from any damage. Numatic provides you the cleaning modes you wish for to have effortless cleaning. The machine contains 2 hoses. One for the wet and other for the dry cleaning. The base plate is made up of metal. The only thing you have to make sure of is that you keep the switch in the correct mode while using otherwise it causes major damages to the machine. The capacity to hold the dust and dirt particles is 9 liters. You can keep on using it effectively. Also the capacity for wet mode is 15 liters; it cleans up all the water that is spilled around with ease. The vacuum contains flotation ball which helps to switch off the suction power that indicates the tank is filled up with water and needs to be emptied. The vacuum also comes with the shampooing feature. It can be said that it is 3 in 1 vacuum cleaner. It has hose in a bigger size for you to clean up even your staircase very comfortably. It is very compact and can be saved without any difficulty. It is slightly heavier than an ordinary vacuum because it also collects water in the tank which adds to the heaviness of the vacuum. The bags of vacuum are also very good it traps all the allergies and dust in the bag and also prevents it from entering back into the air. It makes sure that all the dust particles are cleaned up and you get a cleaner place to live in.

May it be carpets or any hard floor the vacuum works amazingly. It works well with both the wet as well as dry mode. The dry mode helps to remove all the large as well as small particles from carpets as well as hard floors. Using the wet mode you can even clean the spots on your cushions also can wipe clean your floors very easily. The vacuum contains number of attachments to make your job lot easier. It has the crevice tool, dusting brush, nozzle and also the fishtail attachment (shampooing). 

As we have seen this green colored vacuum has wonders for mankind. It has so many features that cannot be neglected. Buy the product to have an amazing vacuum for cleaning. 

6. Charles CVC37 Vacuum Cleaner

Highlighting Features

  • Wet / Dry Vacuum
  • High wattage
  • Many attachments
  • Works for pets

Numatic did not fail with this designing as well. It came up with the best product for you yet again. The blue colored vacuum will be a good member of your family for sure. May you have the problem of stubborn pet hairs or may it be the problem of cleaning up spilled water on your floors, Charles is here to clean up everything you within pretty quick. The smiley Charles brings a smile on your face by cleaning up your house perfectly the way you want it. 

You now do not have to face the problem of balancing the large vacuum over the stairs because the hose of the machine is quiet large allowing you to properly clean the staircase much more comfortably than before. It has a dual aspect for cleaning as dry and wet. The modes can be changed very easily and the switch is also covered with plastic cover for your safety. The machine works great on both of the modes and would not disappoint you. The wattage of the power is very high which means that you can effortlessly clean your house, it efficiently cleans up everything. Even here the base plate is made of metal. The handle of the vacuum contains two aluminum extension tubes allowing you to clean the higher places in the house. The drawback is that it contains one hose which means that you have to use it properly because the wet hose cannot be used for a dry cleaning it might create a mess which you would surely ignore. The cord of vacuum is 10 m long for an up to mark cleaning. It contains a slot for you to easily store the vacuum. The slot is at the back of the machine which makes it very compact to store. The vacuum is a bit heavy but still you will find it very easy to carry away even after collecting the water in it because it has wheels on its base. Like George, the vacuum also has two different sections for storing the dust. For collecting the floods of water it can store 15 liters until the need to empty it and also contains flotation ball which cuts the suction if the tank is filled. It even lets you know the need to empty the vacuum water. Talking about the dry dust particles and debris it all collects in a 9 liters of bag which has a seal that traps all the allergies and dust also preventing them from coming out. The vacuums works very powerfully on any kind of floor may it be hard floor or the carpets. It uses its suction effectively to clean up everything that comes along in its way. It may not scrub your cushions but for sure sucks all the water that is spilled on it. It contains two types of nozzle. One for the cleaning the liquids and the other for hard floors and carpets. It also contains an adapter, dusting brush and crevice tool.

Make the best use of these technologies at a reasonable value. You should buy a product like Charles and make a good use of it for a better, cleaner and safer house to live in.

7. Henry HVB160 Vacuum Cleaner

Highlighting Features

  • Cordless
  • Compact
  • Great suction power
  • Many attachments

Henry HVB16 is a bit different from the others and surely stands out in its own way. May you need it in your house or for office purposes this vacuums gives its best. The thing that makes it different from others is that this vacuum is a cordless one. You may not find this feature in any other henry range of vacuums. The vacuum is very lightweight in use and is very handy for cleaning. Let us see the various features of this product in order to know it better. Read the full review to know the details of the vacuum.

People need a vacuum strong enough and able to clean the house without much effort. This product is one that provides you great suction power and is able to clean up all the tiny particles and dust with ease. The vacuum is cordless which means that you do not need any sockets anymore. You do not need to drag the vacuum across the house. Even though it is a bit heavy you would not believe how lightweight it feels to carry the vacuum for cleaning. It has a very compact body that allows you to use it very easily over the staircases without any difficulty. The vacuum has a HEPA filter whose main work is to trap all the allergies in your house ensuring that you breathe some fresh air. It also contains 9 liters of Hepaflo bags which collects all the dust and allergies and also prevents it from bursting out. It makes sure that another mess is not created in your house. You can efficiently empty the bag without any effort. The vacuum is perfectly designed giving you a compact structure. The hose of the machine can easily be removed which makes it even more compact and easy to store it. It does come along with number of attachments not letting you down. The dusting brush helps you to clean all the delicate places in the house were as the crevice tool helps you to clean all the corners of your house neat and tidy. The nozzle helps you to get along with all the floor types giving you a cleaner surrounding. It does requires to be charged and you can use for a 30 minutes of cleaning. 

As we have seen that the vacuum is perfectly designed with all the amazing features for you to get your house clean easily without much effort. Buy one for safer and quick cleaning. 

8. Henry HVR160-11 Vacuum Cleaner

Highlighting Features

  • Perfect for all kind of floors
  • Bagged
  • Good suction power
  • Switching modes button

This is not any other common vacuum cleaner. May it be for commercial purposes or domestic you will find it to be very powerful. It is designed to be versatile and you will also find it durable. This is the henry product with a very reasonable price able to clean your house quickly. Go for the product that saves much of your time and Henry is one of them. Below are the reviews of the vacuum you should go through.

There may be many vacuums for you out there but if you take a better care of this one it will surely last for many years providing you the same clean house. The suction power of the vacuum is so powerful that it collects all the deep debris from your carpets as well as floors leaving no place for dirt. The technology is well designed so that you can clean up your house very effectively. The vacuum contains 10 m cable for you to easily move it around the house without any difficulty. You also do not have to face the problem of collecting the dirt because it is a bagged vacuum which allows you to collect dust 5 times greater than an ordinary one. Very smoothly you can use this vacuum to clean up your space and need not worry about emptying it because that also requires a few minutes which means that your job here to clean the house is quiet easy and real quick. 6 liters of dust particles and waste can be collected at a single time. Also the vacuum has a special seal that does not allow the dust to return back on the floor which ensures that ones the dust is trapped there is no way to return back. This symbolizes the perfect clean-up of a house. The vacuum also allows you to clean up the car very easily and works very well for any kind of floors. It works great on the hard floors removing all the dust particles and also the tiny debris from your carpets. If you have any allergies in your house you can trust on this one. The vacuum also provides a switch for you according to your need you can switch the mode for carpets or for the hard floors, your choice. It makes sure that all the allergies are collected very efficiently. It would not be a surprise for you if the vacuum comes with attachments because it surely does. The vacuum contains an upholstery nozzle so that you can easily clean your cushions and beds. It also contains a soft dusting brush to clean up the delicate pieces in your house for your safety as well. The other one is the crevice tool for efficient cleaning of each and every area and corner of your house leaving your house a clean and safe place.

These were the amazing features of the henry vacuum. You will be happy to have one such vacuum in your house. So what are you waiting for? Buy one for yourself today itself.

9. Henry HVR 200 Vacuum Cleaner

Highlighting Features

  • Low wattage
  • Powerful suction
  • Compact
  • Attachment tools

We can guess having a messy space to live in and to clean it manually is too time consuming and hard. That is why Numatic comes up with amazing technologies and Henry HVR 200 is just the right choice for you. No matter the quantity of your dust this machine can clean up all of it. It is a very powerful vacuum to get your job done. Even if the wattage of the vacuum is low you would be amazed at the way the vacuum works. It can pick up all the pets hairs may it be not that strong but you can get through it easily. 

As said earlier having a powerful motor in a low wattage the vacuum also contains a switch for the low and high power of the suction. You can change it according to the need depending on the floor type you are using it on. The vacuum is designed totally different from others. It can be operated with your foot which means that even elderly people can make use of it also the base plate is made up of plastic instead of metal. The hose of the machine is made in conical shape which makes cleaning even more easily. It contains suction panel so that you can also control the suction power of the vacuum. In order to store it properly it has storage panel at the back. Two extension tubes are attached to the handle of the vacuum for effortless cleaning and also allow you an easy carriage. 

The vacuum may be a bit heavier in weight but you can handle it easily taking proper care of the cylindrical machine. It is a bagged vacuum having a capacity of 9 liters collecting all the dirt particles and waste even containing a seal to collect all the allergies as well. It makes sure that there is no leakage from the bags and these bags can easily be replaced and are available very easily. The vacuum contains side cleaners that clean edges of the floors very neatly. It does a good job on all the floor types. It might take some effort to clean the mess from the carpets you may have to use it over the same place for a while but it makes sure the place is cleaned. The particles from the hard floors are also collected from the great suction of the vacuum. Like all the henry vacuum this too has a lot of attachments. It has a crevice tool, dusting brush, all -rounder nozzle and even an adaptor. 

In short, this is a compact machine with many attached tools to make your cleaning process lot easier. Buy this product to have a multiple feature vacuum in your house.  

10. Henry HVR 160 Vacuum Cleaner

Highlighting Features

  • Compact
  • Switch modes for suction
  • Versatile
  • Reliable
  • Attachments of tools

This is another product of Numatic which has awesome features. It does produce the most reliable vacuums that last for several years. This vacuum is similar to the henry but has a change in its color. It is available in the blue one. This is a most compact vacuum you will find. Read the further review in order to know the product even better. 

The vacuum is best for all kinds of floors. It is very versatile in nature. Cleaning carpets may be a tough job but still it removes all the dust. You can even make use of this vacuum for your cars. Along with your house it also provides a facility to clean up your cars very well. Talking about the hard floors, it works very well for that one too. It easily picks up all the debris and the dirt particles very smoothly. You will be satisfied by its use. If you use the machine carefully it will surely not let you down for years. It will work with the same efficiency and will clean up your place neatly no doubt. The suction of the motor is too strong to clean up all your mess with ease. The vacuum also provides a switch for different floor types. This means that you can easily change the suction power of the vacuum with just a click of a button. The vacuum contains on board tool which helps you to store the machine neatly in a very compact way. This stores the machine in a proper way and also saves the effort of finding a bigger place to store. The machine does have all the features just to save more of your time. The vacuum is a bagged one. The holding capacity of dust in this vacuum is 6 liters. It makes sure that you are done with cleaning at once without having the need to empty it again and again. The machine also has long 10 m cable for you to easily carry it along for cleaning. The bag has a capacity to store most of the dirt and particles that none of the ordinary vacuum will provide you. It also traps all the allergies and also makes sure that it does not come back into the house with the help of the seal on the bag which prevents it from out. The bag is also very easy to replace and empty without creating any kind of mess. The vacuum has many of the attachment tools that make your work a lot easier that cannot be achieved manually. The crevice tool, the dusting brush, the adapter, the perfect nozzle are the tools that are available with the vacuum that gives you an easy and time saving cleaning of the house.

After having known all the features it is not wrong to say that this blue colored henry is surely wonders and aims at giving you a cleaner surrounding for your dear ones.   

11. Henry HVR 240 Vacuum Cleaner

Highlighting Features

  • Bigger in size
  • Large capacity
  • Compact
  • Powerful suction
  • Attachments tools

For a bigger house you may want a vacuum that is bigger in size and would collect all the dust from the house at a time very easily. Not to worry Numatic has a vacuum for this one also. Henry HVR 240 is a vacuum which is bigger in size and has all the amazing features that convince you that this product is a best choice. Read the full review given below for detailed information of the vacuum.

It is one of those vacuums that are bigger in size and also have capacity to clean up your mess pretty quick. It comes with red color and a smiley face of course. It has a very versatile nature. The suction power of the vacuum will amaze you. It has a very long life and helps to clean even the deep particles in your house. The cable of the vacuum is 10 m long helping you to carry it with ease. The vacuum also has on board tools which allow you to store the vacuum in a very compact way. Which means it can easily stand properly if you are on a break and can also fit in a cupboard without any difficulty. It can be used on all the floor types including the carpets and the hard floors. People often find very hard to clean up the carpets but not with this one. You do not need to worry. It traps even the smallest particles and even the ones which are deep inside and makes your house very clean. The sound level of the vacuum is just 72 db. The bag system of the vacuum is very good. You can easily empty the bags when they are filled due to the HepaFlo filtration system. The bag has seal in order to trap all the allergies and dust very effectively. The performance and the capacity of the vacuum to work greatly increase due to the filtration system. The handle of the vacuum also contains stainless steel tube for cleaning with ease. It also contains attachment tools like the other vacuums. The dusting brush is used when you want to clean the delicate places of your house while the crevice tool is used to clean the corners that are hard to reach and clean. The nozzle has such power that you will have a very neat and tidy place without any dirt and dust particles. Having these tools will surely make your job done neatly and perfectly. 

This vacuum is ideal for the large houses and gives out the best results for cleaning. You can go of this product to have a bigger plus compact vacuum cleaner.

These were the best range of Henry Hover vacuum cleaners in UK. Each of them perfectly designed to make your job much easier. These are the best technology to use in order to save money and time as well.

Henry Hoover Range is well known vacuum cleaners in UK. The first model named ‘Henry’ was first introduced in the 1980s producing a well-designed and powerful vacuum able to do all your cleaning work. But this was not it. It came up with more range of vacuums each having its own features and highlighting qualities. The vacuums are easy to use and quiet handy. It is produced by Numatic and provides reasonable price making it easy even for the customers. In order to get a best one it is essential to know the features of all the Henry Hoover Range. Following are the reviews of the vacuums go through, and get your best vacuum for your perfect house.