13 Best Garden Vacuum UK

As keeping your house clean is necessary so is keeping your surrounding clean i.e. lawn and garden. Thanks to the increasing technology that always tries to get your work done with ease. In order to clean your laws or gardens they have come up with garden vacuum and blowers.

Now what are vacuum and blowers? Well, blowers collect all your leaves at a single place so that you can collect it in a bag very easily. While vacuum is the one which picks up leaves as well as the small objects which come along in the way. But some machines have both the features of blowing and vacuuming. In your busy life you cannot work all the time in the garden to clean it. Using a garden vacuum is a good choice instead. 

Below is the information of the best garden vacuums in UK you can make use of. Check out and find your best one-

Top 13 Garden Vacuum

1. BOSCH (ALS 2500) Garden Blower and Vacuum

Whenever it comes to garden vacuum you need to have a good one also having a longer usability. You may find different reviews but you can surely trust this one. It does have a lot of attracting features. The vacuum is also very lightweight in use. In order to prevent your back from having strains it is lightweight in both the modes- 3.2 kg in blower mode and 404 kg in the vacuum mode. The bag of the vacuum is made waterproof for your comfort and is very larger in size of almost 45 litres saving you from emptying it again and again. This 45 litres large bag can collect all your garden scrap even the wet and sticky leaves which are hard to collect, dry leaves also the tiny wastes. The motor of the vacuum is too powerful which ensures that you do all your work in no time. The volume flow rate is 800 m/h. The machine has an adjustable handle which allows you move freely to clean up all the garden leaves very easily. It also has a padded strap on the shoulder so that without causing pain you can use it for greater time. These two features just adds up to the reason to buy it. The machine has another pair of features to quickly clean up your place- the leaf blower and the garden vacuum. It is also very easy to replace one with the other. You can effortlessly change the collection bag and the vacuum tube with the blower tube which represents its versatile nature. By keeping the blower parts in the bag you can make the machine compact so that you do not have to worry about its storage. Along with blower and vacuum facility the machine also provides you shredding feature. The shredding ratio is 10:1 for the compact storage of the leaves in the bag. This feature also helps you to get fertilizer through shredding. The speed of the blower is 300 km/h to remove the leaves and the light debris by simply using it lightly without moving any of the stones to the drive.  Practically speaking along with powerful motor the vacuum is used to remove even stubborn leaves and also gives the facility of compositing. What more do we need from a vacuum? Buy your one now!

2. WORX (WG505E) Garden Blower and Vacuum

No matter the amount of leaves, no matter the amount of other waste along the waste the power of the machine is too good to make your done in minutes. You will for sure experience class while using it. This machine is a 3 in 1 tool. You can use as a blower, mulcher and vacuum. You can switch to any tool you want by just a click of button no need to add any tools or pieces. You can pile all through your lawn and garden even through your pathways. With 210 mph powerful jet and 7 speeds setting the blower will do its work and will blow all the dry as well as wet leaves. The switch of vacuum then allows quickly picking up all the leaves and making your surrounding much cleaner place in seconds. All the collected leaves then can be used for landscaping, discarded or even for composting. It provides the mulching ratio of 16:1 makes you work done too quickly. For more durability and a better performance the Worx is designed with a high grade metal impeller blade. It helps you for smooth working of the vacuum. It is much better than any petrol based tools due to its amazing power of motor which is up to 3000 W it helps the user to work effortlessly and save most of the energy. It also has patented angled nose design for proper cleaning and has a very comfortable handle to use it with ease. Without any of the emissions the motor runs for about 70 decibels and also does not make any noise pollution allowing you to work in peace. It also contains adjustable air regulator in order to prevent the most delicate plants and also from the dust that comes up by reducing the air flow of vacuum. You just have to make sure that the vacuum tube is fully tightened so that when you start the powerful suction your job is done properly. Even if its bit heavy you would choose this machine over again due to its smooth cleaning and quick job. It is a good one to give a try. 

3. BLACK DECKER Blower and Vacuum

Many a times we get confused about buying the product and also have many doubts about the working of the machine. Black Decker clears all of your doubts once you use it. The main task of the company is to make such products that will help the customers to get their job done with ease. It completes your work pretty quick and is also available at a very reasonable price. You will experience using a quality vacuum while using this one. The machine can be used two ways- for blowing and also for vacuuming all the leaves found fallen in your front yard. You can effortlessly collect all the wastes and collect it in the bag with the corded tube. Also the suction power of the vacuum gives its excellent performance saving most of your time getting your work done in no time. The machine also has a shredding fan so that you can collect the waste by making it compact. There is attached bag to the machine which also contains an adjustable shoulder strap so that you are comfortable while using it and also prevents you from causing any kind of pain. The vacuum is too lightweight to use and can be used for many years as it gives an excellent service. It is perfectly designed vacuum so that you make use of no other than Black Decker. I would for surely recommend the product for use seeing its amazing suction performance and the facility of getting your job done effortlessly with a quality experience.  

4. KARCHER S 650 Push Floor Sweeper

People always find technologies that make their work much simpler. With the increase in the technology you no longer need to do manual work and use up your precious time working all the time. Nevertheless the energy that you use up cleaning your driveways and gardens can effortlessly be done by using just a sweeper machine. Karcher S 650 is one such machine that makes your work much easier. It feels like just walking and your work is done. No extra efforts, no waste of energy and your job is done. It also saves a lot of time. The work which requires one hour can be done simply in just 20 seconds. Amazing right? Now you do not have to cancel your plans and also be done with your leaning work very effectively. The machine has a 2 height adjustable facility to use it with comfortability. The machine works 5 minutes faster than an ordinary broom and can quickly clean up all the leaves and debris that come along in the way. The sweeper contains two side brushes for efficient cleaning. The machine is too lightweight and is very smooth is use. The side broom works with the push mechanism of the sweeper which helps to collect all the waste and leaves in the edges of the walls. It also contains a fold down push so that you can easily store the compact machine and it weighs 11 kg. the container capacity of sweeper is 16 litres and it covers an area of 1600 m/h. Karcher is UK’s leading manufacturer for making the cleaning equipments thus indicating that you will for sure receive a quality product for use. The container can also be removed very easily so that you can empty it in the bin and it does have a handle for you to lift it up without any difficulty. This is a perfectly designed machine to clean up within minutes without any extra efforts. You should buy this amazing sweeper in order to save money as well as time. 

5. Bosch (ALB 36 LI) Cordless Leaf Bower

If you are paying for a product never settle for something less. Get all the best out of the product. You always have two options in front of you either buy a cheaper product and use it as it is without any complain or get a quality product and make the best use of it. According to me the second option is always good. This Bosch machine has all it requires to get along with your work very easily. You will not have any doubts about this one. It is an amazing cordless blower for quick cleaning. This is lightweight and very easy to use so that you can handle it properly while blowing all your leaves in the garden. It provides you mobility so that you can work anywhere you want without any difficulty. You can use the machine continuously for about 25 minutes. And even if it stops you can easily recharge it again for use in just 70 minutes ad can clean up all scattered debris. The battery is made up of 36 V 2.0 Ah lithium-ion which provides you a greater power while you use it. In order to keep the interaction between the powerful motor, lithium-ion battery and the robust gearbox the machine contains a special chip named ‘syneon’. In order to make you garden hassle free the blow can be adjusted between 170 kms to 250 kms. It is designed in a proper way so that there is not any discharge or any memory effect. The tube of the leaf blower can also be removed to make it compact which helps for the storage purposes. The blower also does a great job for blowing the stubborn and wet leaves very easily due to its powerful battery which allows you to get work done easily. The machine is quiet in use and also very easy to hold it. It can be used for years. Before regretting the decision for not having brought it before order it now!

6. FLYMO Electric Garden Blower and Vacuum

Using an excellent blower and vacuum for your garden is a must. Living in a clean and hygienic surrounding is very important. As it is said ‘A person is known by the way he lives.’ You would not be disappointed by this Flymo machine because it works very well with the leaves. It is a bit noisy but you can work with earplugs so it is just fine to use it. It also has a very reasonable price which attracts most of the customers because such a good product at such price is rare to find. The machine is a perfect fit for the medium size gardens and also provides mobility. It can be used for both as a blower as well as vacuum. It does a great job with leaves may it be wet or dry lives. The vacuum mode just lifts up all the leaves and debris making your place clean and tidy. It is also very easy to switch from vacuum mode to the blower mode. The blower mode allows you to collect all the waste by providing a blow speed of 310 km/hr. The machine also comes with a lot of accessories to fulfil all your cleaning needs. This is a really good machine which does its very well. The machine is too lightweight for you to carry up and suck all the leaves and it is also very easy to use. It is a perfectly designed product and has a powerful motor of 3000 W. The suction power of the vacuum is too strong and can quickly get your job done. The machine also comes along with a small bag which has a capacity to fill up to 45 L. The weight of the machine is just 4.5 kgs. It also has the feature to reduce the frequency in which you empty the collection bag by shredding the leaves in the ratio 16:1. You can also empty the bag very easily by emptying in the bin. It also provides a guarantee of 2 years after the registration of product. I would for sure recommend this product to get your work done quickly.

7. QGarden Blower and Vacuum

It is very difficult to find a product with all the best features in it. QGarden is the one vacuum which has too many attracting features and also the ability to make your work done effortlessly. It works well in small and medium size garden. This product is made by keeping the comfortability of the consumer in mind. It aims at bringing out its best to the mankind by saving their time and the joy of using their machine. This machine can work for years if taken good care of and also is available at a very reasonable price. The vacuum has an excellent motor of 2500 watt and also has an amazing power suction ability. Along with the blower and vacuum it can also be used for shredding. The machine blows all the leaves and other debris very easily and can also suck all of it without taking extra efforts. It also helps in grinding the collected leaves with ease. The mulching power of the machine is in the ratio of 10:1. It comes along with a bag to collect all the wet and dry leaves and has a capacity to hold 45 litres of waste. It is also very simple to empty the bag. The cable of the machine is 10 m so that you can easily move around in your garden while using it. The machine also has a shoulder strap for you to carry it easily without causing you any kind of pain. You also do not need to change the part for converting it from blower to vacuum just a switch of a button is enough. This is the best machine for vacuuming and mulching the grass and leaves. Buy one now.

8. McCulloch Garden Blower and vacuum

 It is so not easy to clean up your garden investing a lot of time and starting the same thing again the next day. Instead it is better to use a vacuum and a blower and make your work easy and much more interesting. McCulloch is one such manufacturer that produces an excellent range of garden products. And it does have an amazing garden blower and vacuum you can make use of. You will be pleased by seeing its features and the way it works to do its job. The soft start technology of the machine helps you to easily start the machine which reduces the resistance in the starter itself by 40%. It simply starts with a fuel pump. Also with a smooth start it also provides you a smooth grip on the handle while using it. The handle of the machine is also anti-vibrated so that you can have a proper control over it and feel comfortable while using it. The machine can be used for blowing all the leaves and waste. It is also used for vacuuming and mulching the grass cuttings and leaves. It includes equipments like an attachment tube which can be changed very easily and also provides an easy storage. In order to increase the blowing power of the machine it also contains a flare nozzle. The machine is very well designed with a brilliant technology which cannot be provided by any other. The machine has robustness and also provides you high performance. It can work well for years if it is used and taken care of properly. This is a quality product. Buy this product if you want to have an experience of a powerful machine to get your task done.

9. VonHaus Garden Blower and Vacuum

This garden vacuum is a perfect replacement for your worn out vacuum. It has all the features one could wish for in the machine. It works very well and can easily be used for cleaning up your garden. It will do its job the way you want it to. This is a three in one machine. You can use it as a blower, vacuum and also for mulching all the grass cuttings and leaves. The material which is required for compositing can be easily vacuumed and mulched by the 3000 W motor. The machine traps all kind of waste may be dry leaves, wet leaves, even the sticky waste with ease. The speed of the suction power can also be changed very easily according to the need between 8000-14000 RPM. The handle of the machine does not vibrate so that you can use it without any difficulty giving you proper control over it. The grip is very smooth so that you are comfortable while using it. The shredding ratio of vacuum is 15:1 it means that you can use it for a long time as the leaves will be kept compact. The vacuum does have a bag for you to collect all the leaves and you can effortlessly empty it in the bin. The working performance of the machine is too good along with comfortable handle it also has wheels for you to carry it with ease and also for a longer period. The power cable of vacuum is long enough up to 10 m. in order to keep your safety in mind it also has a feature of thermal cut-out. No need to worry about its weight it can be picked up and used for longer hours. The product also has 2 years of guarantee. Try out this amazing product.

10. RYOBI Garden Blower and Vacuum

 We always want a best quality product doing its work efficiently. We need a product that can get our job done plus save our time. All the features you wish for is in Ryobi. You do not have to put any kind of extra efforts on this one. You can smoothly use it without any complaints and regrets. It has the most powerful motor of 3000 W. it works very well in both the modes may it be blowing or vacuuming one. You can easily change the tubes according to the use of machine. It is so lightweight that you can carry it very easily. You are also spared from the noise of the machine because it does not make any. No issues from the neighbours as they would not be disturbed by the use of it. The two speed dial feature gives you the maximum air flow of 375 km/h. The machine provides you an excellent performance. It works very powerful even in the low setting which helps you to easily clean up all the leaves in your garden. The machine can also provide you many years of service if taken proper care of and used efficiently. You just have to blow a large pile of leaves and the vacuum will trap all the wet and dry leaves quickly. Also the air volume of the blower is 14 m/min. The machine contains a heavy duty blade for mulching purpose. For better composting it provides mulching ratio of 16:1. The most amazing thing about this vacuum is that it is not that heavy to carry it and you can clean up your garden effortlessly. It also has vertebrae shoulder strap which not only gives you comfort but is also helpful to have balance of the tool. It also contains high speed nozzle tip to get done with your jog quickly. It also has an attached bag of large 45 litres which collect all the waste from your garden quiet easily. The machine also gives a warranty of 3 years. Surely approach for this blower/vacuum for a quiet and easy work. 

11. Garden Gear Blower and vacuum.

We enjoy doing a work if we find the experience very pleasing. For this to happen we do need a high quality product to give a rich experience. Garden gear is one such product that will please you through its featured. You will enjoy cleaning your garden everyday and would not at all be annoyed to repeat it again the next day. It has an amazing price which one can afford easily and is also perfectly designed. It is also lightweight to carry it along and gives you the perfect facilities. This powerful machine should surely be a part of your garden. The power of the motor is 3500 W to finish up your work in minutes. It is a 3 in 1 machine. You can use it for blowing, vacuuming and also for mulching. You have to blow a pile of leaves, grass and unwanted debris with the help of a blower and collect it with the powerful suction of the vacuum. The speed of the power level can be changed according to the need at minimum and maximum with the help of a switch. It makes sure that you do not collect the small stones. Using a machine is much simpler than manually sweeping it. With the help of vacuum all the waste can be collected in the bag which is attached to the machine. It can hold 45 litres of waste at a single time. The mulching function is on to the next level .It provides a mulching ratio 10:1.It can hold 450 litres of mulches in the bag which can straight be taken for composting you do not have to take any other efforts for this one. Also the power length of the cable is 10 m so that you can freely move around to clean it. It is much easier one to use and also has two wheels on the hose which distributes most of the weight for extra stability. It also contains a strap for comfortability to hold it properly. There is no need of the petrol fumes which adds up to a better experience. The weight of the machine is just 3.7 kgs. It also has 2 years of warranty. Buy this product for a cleaner and greener environment.

12. RYOBI (RBV3000CESV AC) Garden Blower and Vacuum

You may have brought many garden vacuums before but this one is worth considering. At this price it is quiet hard to find such a good product. It has all the features that surely attract the customers to buy it. It has great suction power and works very well to collect all your leaves. It’s a bit heavy but can easily go for your garden due to its versatile nature. It can easy blow all the wet and dry leaves in your garden. It’s due to the suction power of the vacuum that collects all the waste effortlessly and also helps the user to use it easily. This product is amazingly designed. Why? It can be used for blowing and vacuuming. Also you can use both the functions at the same time with the help of two tubes that are available on the machine. This is the tool which saves your most of the time so that you can be done with your work effortlessly. You can also change the modes if you want to with the help of a switch. The air speed of the vacuum is 375 km/min. The leaves can also be used for compositing with the mulching feature. It provides a ratio of 16:1. The bag is large enough to hold 45 L of grass and leaves so that it can be used for a longer period. The machine is very quiet in use even if it has a great air flow. Without any disturbance or noise you can happily clean your garden or lawn and enjoy the experience of using a quality product. This product is really amazing due to its multiple features which cannot be ignored. Order one now!

13. FLYMO (FLGV2700) Garden Blower and Vacuum

We want to have a best product and wish for our work time to be reduced with these technologies. You may be disappointed by many vacuums but you can trust on this one. You can use it efficiently to clean up your garden. It just fits very well for the purpose of cleaning the dry as well as wet leaves along with the grass cuttings and other debris. It would surely work for many years giving the same powerful performance. At the value for money it is worth to try one. The machine is lightweight and you can use it without any difficulty. It is well designed for the medium sized products. It does save your time by quickly cleaning up. The vacuum has a power motor of 2700 W also the blowing speed is 212 km/hr. Whenever you use the vacuum you get a clean and tidy garden leaving you the feeling of satisfaction. The blower mode is also a good feature for easily cleaning the leaves and debris. Without giving the effort of changing the tube it can be easily converted in to any mode that is needed. May it be blower or vacuum with the help of a single switch. The weight of the machine is just 5.1 kg. The vacuum contains a bag to collect all the leaves and other waste. The bag has a capacity of holding 40 L so that you do not have to empty it again and again in the bin. In order to reduce the frequency of leaves it also provides the shredding function. You can easily cut up the leaves into small pieces and then collecting it in the large bag of yours in order to save your time. The shredding ratio of the machine is 3:1. It also contains cables for easy mobility around your garden. The cable length is 10m for cleaning up effortlessly. Thus this powerful vacuum has all the features required to make your job simpler. Buy this product for having a quicker and cleaner surrounding.

These were some of the best garden vacuums in UK. Make the best use of this technology in order to save your time and also a better and cleaner surrounding for your loved ones.