Dyson V8 Absolute and Dyson V8 Animal Vacuum Cleaner Reviews UK

Dyson is said to be the oldest of all vacuum cleaners and among the most trustworthy ones. It has the best cordless vacuum cleaners. There is no doubt that Dyson vacuum cleaners are lightweight yet powerful. However, there are so many models of Dyson that it can be quite confusing to comprehend which one to buy. The V8 model is an improved version of the Dyson V6 and V7 model. In the V8 model itself, there are three models of vacuum cleaners: total clean, absolute and animal. In this article, we are going to help you choose between Dyson V8 Absolute and Dyson V8 Animal vacuum cleaner according to your budget and needs. Since both the machines use the V8 technology, both the machines have many similarities but there are a few differences which distinguish V8 Absolute from V8 Animal vac.

Digital V8 Motor

All the Dyson V8 machines are powered by Digital V8 Motor which is said to be the most powerful. Both the machines, V8 Absolute and V8 Animal cleaner, have the same motors. Because of this motor, a powerful suction is created.

Power Mode

In need of extra suction, you can use the maximum power mode. However, it should be noted that the machine’s battery is used more during this mode. Battery life is reduced which is why this mode should be used occasionally. Both the machines have this mode in-built in them.

Run-Time and Battery Life

Both the Dyson V8 vacuum cleaners have a good and continuous running time of 40 minutes. But this is only when non-motorized tools are being used with the machine. If motorized tools are used, then the run-time is reduced to 25 minutes. The new technology V8 vacuum cleaners consist of fade-free lithium-ion batteries. After the batteries are fully discharged, it would take 5 hours to completely charge them again. These batteries do not have to be fully discharged to charge again. The battery life won’t be affected. In addition, the batteries won’t be overcharged if they are connected to the charger for a long time. All you have to do is place the machine on the docking station (charger) and the battery will be charged without you having to worry about it. This docking station is provided with all Dyson V8 vacuum cleaners.

Handheld Mode

With the press of one button, the upright stick can be converted into portable mode. This handheld mode can be used to clean stairs, curtains and even from under the stairs. Cars, too, can be cleaned with the help of the portable machine. Dyson V8 Absolute and V8 Animal Cleaner both have this feature.

Direct-Drive Cleaner Head

Both the machines have a direct-drive cleaner head which is 150% more powerful than the ordinary cleaning. The bristles run deep in the carpet and suck in whatever dirt and dust is stuck in it. This feature is upgraded from the V6 model which makes the V8 a standard vac tool to purchase. In addition, both the machines have carbon fiber filaments so that the hardwood floors can be cleaned with ease.

Whole Machine Filtration

After the V6 model, Dyson has put a whole machine filtration system in all the V8 models. It has spinning air within two tiers of radial cyclones. A strong centrifugal force is generated and during this, the dust, dirt particles and other trash is sucked inside the machine after which clean air is pushed out while the dust particles are held. In addition, the machine has a post-motor HEPA filter to capture every minute particle down to 0.3 microns. In addition, it can also hold other particles like allergens, pollen and pet dander. All the filters are washable and can be used time and again. Of course, one should make sure that the filters are thoroughly dried before reassembling them.

Trash Bin Capacity and Trash Disposal

Both the Absolute and Animal vacs have the same trash capacity of 0.54 liters, which is very good for a cordless vac. On an average, all cordless vacs have this capacity. With the V8 models, you do not have to rely on gravity to eject the trash out of your machine. Instead, you can press one button and the trash will be thrown out. Also, one won’t have to touch the trash.


Dyson Absolute weighs around 5.75 pounds which is equivalent to 2.6 kg. Dyson Animal weighs around 5.63 pounds which is around 2.55 kg. Both of these machines weigh almost the same. This is an ideal weight for cordless vacuums which means that you won’t have to worry about having to carry around a heavy cleaner.

Floor Cleaner Heads

The difference between Dyson Animal and Dyson Absolute is that the Animal model does not have any fluffy soft roller cleaner head. On the other hand, Absolute has a soft cleaner head which comes along with the direct drive floor head. This soft cleaner head is useful to clean hardwood floors. The cleaner is built with soft nylon and stiffer carbon fiber. This kind of roller can pick up large pieces of trash as well as small crumbles of debris. While using this soft roller, the surfaces won’t be scratched making it a good tool to vacuum hardwood floors and hard surfaces like furniture.

On the other hand, Dyson Animal does not have a soft roller head but its direct drive cleaner head can work effectively on vinyl and hard floors. However, if it is compared with the Absolute model, then the efficiency of Absolute is better than that of Animal. Also, it should be noted that the soft roller head can be bought separately. If you love Dyson’s Animal model, but you need the soft roller, then you can simply buy the additional tool.

Tools and Accessories

Dyson Animal and Dyson Absolute have the same set of tools and accessories which include docking station, rigid crevice tool, miniature motorized tool and combination tool. The only difference is the inclusion of a fluffy soft roller head in the Absolute model. The mini motorized tool is useful for picking up small pieces of trash like lint, pet hair, human hair, dust particles, fiber and other particles which are minuscule. This tool can also be used to vacuum sofas, car seats, stairs, upholstery and similar other surfaces. However, it should be noted that the mini motorized tool is not maintenance-free. The same is the case with direct-drive cleaner heads and soft roller heads. It is the responsibility of the customer to clean the tools from time to time. The mini soft dusting tool is used to remove dust from elevated surfaces. A combination tool is the one which can be changed from one tool to another one as per convenience of using. A crevice tool is a narrow tube which can reach in awkward areas like in between cracks, small compartments in the car, on the stairs and edges of surfaces. If one wishes to get various other additional accessories, then Dyson can be contacted because Dyson manufactures other tools like Quick Release Extension Hose, Mattress Tool, Stubborn Dirt Brush, etc.


The Dyson Animal is a lot cheaper than the Dyson Absolute model. A difference of 200 bucks (this can change) can be seen. Since both the models are almost similar, then Animal can be bought. But if one can afford Absolute, then he may make a purchase for the same without hesitance.


Unlike the Dyson V6 models, which have different floor heads, different accessories and filters, the V8 models are quite similar to each other. The only crucial difference is the soft fluffy roller head which is not available with Dyson Animal. However, it is the customer’s choice to decide if he is willing to pay so much for one single tool – which, by the way, can be bought separately. But if you have many hardwood floors, then it is suggested to turn towards Dyson Absolute.

In comparison, the Dyson Animal is better than the Absolute model. It has good accessories which can work with any surface without difficulty. If the soft roller head is desired, then it can be simply bought from Dyson. It has a pretty good suction, is maneuverable and can be stored in any compact space. Excellent air filtration is provided with the machine. The direct drive is really good for cleaning carpets while the miniature motorized tools are helpful in getting the pet hair from carpets, for cars and stairs and upholstery.

Therefore, in conclusion, one can definitely buy Dyson Absolute if he can afford it and if he has many hard surfaces at his house. If the house is covered with carpets, then it is advised to go with Dyson Animal and buy the soft roller head separately.