Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum Review

What Is The Dyson 360 Eye?

If you enjoy your science fiction movies or at least those set in the not too distant future, you’ve likely romanticized about some of the fictional technology and how it could make your life easier. While we don’t have flying cars (yet), the truth is that a lot of these contrived inventions have already become a reality. In particular, we have officially stepped into the dawn of the smart robotic era and turned the future into the present – at least theoretically.

One smart robotic item of interest is the Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum cleaner which is a cordless, self-operating, vacuum with a host of features. It sits at the top end of the market (as is the case with a lot of Dyson’s products), and is designed to take care of your floor vacuuming needs while you go about your business – whether you’re at home or out and about. You can read about our 5 best robot vacuums right here.

Dyson actually first started developing their robot vacuum back in 1998, eventually producing an earlier model three years later called the DC06. However, they never released it for sale, not because it wasn’t up to the task, but because they felt it should have been better (and smaller as it had 54 battery cells, 70 sensors and three processors). Over 17 years later, they finally released the 360 Eye.

With all those countless hours of research and development, we thought the least we could do was test the Dyson 360 Eye to see whether they hit it out of the park or fell short of the mark.


  • Powerful – For such a small machine it’s incredibly effective at picking up all sorts of dirt regardless of your floor type.
  • Agile – With its tracks it has no problems navigating around the home without getting caught on rug edges or floor strips.
  • Constant Updates – Dyson is always looking to improve their product with updates to the software.
  • App Usage – Unlike some other robot vacuum cleaners the app is easy to figure out which includes daily scheduling for convenience.


  • Slow Vacuuming – Although it’s a dependable ‘set and forget’ vacuum, it does take it’s time to get around the home. Those who have large homes may find it will need to go back to the charging dock several times before it completes the job.
  • Price Tag – We should be used to the price of Dyson’s products by now, but there is no hiding the fact that the 360 Eye is an expensive robot vacuum cleaner.

Dyson 360 Eye Key Features

 Panoramic Vision – The camera also operates at 30 frames per second which means the shutter speed matches the speed of the robot to ensure its position is as accurate as possible. It also uses two IR sensors at the front to help it avoid hitting furniture or falling down stairs.

 Radial Root Cyclone Technology – The Dyson 360 Eye uses a powerful, yet compact V2 digital motor which spins up to 78,000rpm. This coupled with their Radial Root Cyclone technology (using eight fine-tuned cyclones to general suction) allows it to pick up particles as small as 0.5 microns. By comparison, dust mites are around 100-300 microns, and pollen particles are 10-1000 microns in size.

 Scheduled Cleaning – Using Dyson’s Link app, which they have designed to be as practical and simple to use as possible (sorry, no chasing your cat or dogs with this one), it’s possible to easily manage the 360 Eye. You can choose when to start and stop your robot vacuum, schedule a cleaning program around your lifestyle, see where it’s already cleaned around your home, and switch between power modes.

 Voice Control Capabilities – Using Amazon Alexa or another compatible voice service it’s possible to ask the 360 Eye to start vacuuming, change modes and more.

Battery And Charging

As with all of Dyson’s cordless products, the 360 Eye uses an advanced lithium-ion battery which allows it to run for up to 75 minutes in ‘quiet’ mode and 30-40 minutes in ‘max’ mode. The battery is designed so that the power of the robot vacuum doesn’t dwindle as it loses charge, but remains constant until it needs to be charged which can take around 2¾ hours. A little blue battery indicator light on top of the vacuum will flash while it’s charging and remain on when it’s ready to earn its keep.

The charging dock is simple in design and sort of looks like a large Wi-Fi box, albeit thinner. The Dyson 360 Eye navigates to and from the charger as it needs to which seems to give it a persona of sorts. You’ll often find a lot of online customer reviews talking about their 360 Eye robot vacuum cleaners in the first person or referring to it by name. Depending on where you place the charger, it may occasionally have trouble returning though it’ll keep trying until it succeeds. This is why it’s important to place the charging dock on an open area (at least 50cm from any other objects) with a flat surface.


The Dyson 360 Eye is taller than a lot of other robot vacuum cleaners, although this is because it needed to incorporate the company’s patented cyclone technology. To compensate for this, it’s narrower than most of its competitors at around 23cm which allows it to better fit between furniture and other items around the household. It’s available in two colour options – nickel and blue or nickel and fuschia – both of which look like signature Dyson products.

Although you will need to download the Dyson Link app on your phone or tablet to use the 360 Eye properly, it has a simple user interface on the top near the camera. This interface shows various indicator lights (i.e. cleaning, charging, charging during a clean, heading back to charge, Wi-Fi connectivity, errors and more) and also allows you to turn it off and on or to pause cleaning.

The robot has two handles on the side in the event you’d like to pick it up and move it to a certain destination to clean (more about this in the performance section), and a removable dirt receptacle (0.33 litres) on the back which helps to break the circular profile and improve the styling a bit. When it comes to manoeuvrability, the 360 Eye uses two continuous tracks to help it navigate all terrains around the home, including places where wheels will struggle such as over bumps or thick carpets. The tracks also allow it to spin on its axis if and when it needs to.

The build quality is exceptional as can be expected for the price, and this is especially evident during routine maintenance. It has two-lifetime washable filters which are easily accessible and need to be cleaned once a month. The pre-motor exhaust can be pulled out once you remove the dirt receptacle on the back, and the post-motor filter can be removed once you lift up the filter cover on the front. Both can simply be washed under cold running water, but don’t use soap and make sure to wait at least 24 hours for them to dry before replacing them.

Setup Process, App Functionality And Cleaning Pattern

The Dyson 360 Eye is fairly straightforward to setup and the process is clearly outlined in the user manual. All you need to do upon unboxing is to place the charging dock against a wall (at least 50cm away from other objects) and plug it in. Once this is done, just place the 360 Eye on the charger. You’ll know it’s charging when the battery indicator light begins to flash. Once the light remains constant, the unit is fully charged and ready to go. You have the option of pressing the button on top to have it start cleaning your home right away, although to make the most of the mapping features, scheduling and more, it’s recommended to use the app.

The Dyson Link app is available to download free from the App Store or Google Play. Once you have installed it you can start the connection process which involves creating a Dyson account and following the setup wizard to connect to your robot. You will need to connect your phone (and app) to the robot, and the robot to your home’s Wi-Fi and to Dyson, but this isn’t as scary as it sounds and only needs to be done once.

Once you have installed the app, you will be able to set cleaning schedules that best suit you or your family, see visual maps of where it has cleaned in your home and areas it may have missed, and change the power setting from ‘quiet’ to ‘max’. It’s also possible to do all this remotely so you don’t have to worry anymore about that quick rush around the house when you get home from work after your partner has invited the in-laws over. The app also allows you to update the software, view faults and offers guides and videos on how to use the robot vacuum properly.

In terms of the cleaning pattern, it may at first appear the 360 Eye is cleaning randomly, but it will slowly map out your home into a grid of squares. This process may take some time while it gets its bearings. However, once it’s finished and even while it’s in the process of mapping it does so in the most efficient way possible – ensuring it doesn’t vacuum an area more than once and never misses a section of flooring unless it’s unable to navigate. The only time it breaks the pattern is when it’s boxed in, or needs to return to the dock to charge. After charging it will return back to where it stopped and continue.


The cleaning prowess of this robot vacuum is the most coveted benefit and one that users who didn’t take the time to consider the market before purchasing would have appreciated. This is largely thanks due to the motorized brush bar which contains 2,376,000 anti-static carbon fibre filaments for hard floor cleaning, and 5,468 stiff nylon bristles for carpets. As a result, the Eye 360 is suitable for all flooring types.

Having said that, it’s important that anyone looking at investing their money into a robot vacuum cleaner understand that it’s still a long way from eradicating the old-fashioned upright or cylinder. Robots are best used to help you keep on top of cleaning so that you have to vacuum manually less often. The Dyson 360 Eye achieves this goal without merely being an expensive novelty.

During operation, you’ll find the Dyson 360 is just the right height to get under tables, chairs and certain beds and, but because it’s slightly taller than other models it’s worth considering the dimensions before purchasing – especially if you have low sofas. It does take a surprisingly long time to get the job done, and if you have a large home it may take several cycles before it completes the entire floor. However, it cleans systematically and it does a great job doing so too. Even those with pets who always come home to hair drifting around like tumbleweed will find this a great help. Many owners have commented that their homes have never been so clean.

The 360 Eye doesn’t have too much trouble getting stuck, although like most robots it may have one or two quibbles from time to time – whether it’s an office chair it can’t navigate or a water bowl it keeps knocking into. One cool feature of the 360 Eye is that if you have more than one floor to clean you can pick it up, take it to the middle of a room on the floor you want to clean, and press the on button. It will then go about cleaning the floor and return to that position rather than try to find the dock once it’s finished or needs to be recharged.

As for the negative, it does need to be emptied nearly every day if you have it running frequently due to the low dirt capacity, but this is an easy process. It’s also noisy for such a small machine which Dyson have tried to fix by offering a ‘quiet’ and a ‘max’ mode, although most people will want to use the ‘max’ mode and just schedule it for when they aren’t home or don’t mind the noise. Lastly, because the Dyson 360 Eye uses a camera system to navigate, it needs enough light in order to do so. While this isn’t a large issue, it’s something to consider if your home is chaotic during the day and you want it to clean during the night. These points shouldn’t detract from the usefulness and quality build of the robot though.


You’ll definitely feel the pinch when you shell out for the Dyson 360 Eye Robot, but those who have taken the plunge have been pleased with their purchase for the most part. There are cheaper robot vacuums offered by Neato and iRobot for instance that may provide better value for your money, but if your home gets particularly dirty and you need the extra power offered by Dyson’s technology then this is as good as it gets. If you do decide to take out your credit card then keep in mind that Dyson offers a two-year guarantee and this can be further extended when purchasing from Amazon.


Overall the Dyson 360 Eye is a commendable robot vacuum for people who like to keep their homes clean at all times. It doesn’t clean quickly and likely needs several charges to get the job done, but it’s unparalleled at the moment in terms of robotic suction power. However, this does mean that you’ll need to empty the dirt receptacle daily, or on days you’ve scheduled the cleaning. If only Dyson could invent a ‘vacuum bin’ so that it empties itself once it goes back to the charging dock – there’s a money making idea for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Dyson 360 Eye weigh?


Is it difficult to set up and get started? 

Not at all. Dyson has included a helpful manual to show you all the steps you need to take, which includes connecting your device to your robot, and the robot to your Wi-Fi. You can also easily download the Dyson Link app from the App Store or Google Play. After installing it will also help you through the process.

I have a two bedroom house, can I use it to clean both floors?

Yes. Simply pick up the Dyson 360 Eye from its dock and take it to the floor you would like to clean. Place it in the middle of the floor and press the button. It will gradually clean the floor in increments and return back to the spot you placed it once it has finished the task or is low on battery.

Will the Dyson 360 clean up spills?

No. It’s important that before the robot vacuum is turned on or scheduled to clean that any liquids on the floor are mopped up.

Is this a good choice for people with pets?

The motorized roller brush makes this very effective at picking up pet hair, although you may find that you will need to remove and clean the brush from time to time. You can do this by turning the robot vacuum upside down, unlocking the fastener on the side using a coin or flathead screwdriver and removing the brush. You can then cut away the hair and remove any other debris before replacing it.

Can I update the software without the app?

Yes. Dyson is always looking to improve their Dyson with new updates. You can choose to update it using the app which is easier, or you can download the latest upgrade file to a USB stick and follow the provided instructions in the manual or on the Dyson website here: https://www.dyson.co.uk/support/journey/guides/65009-01/360-eye-software-update.html.

Will it fall down the stairs?

No, the infrared sensors on the front detect objects and drops. However, make sure not to obscure stairs with items such as boxes or bags as this can make it difficult for the sensors.

What are the dimensions?

23.01cm x 24cm x 11.99cm.