Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson DC44 Animal Cordless  The DC44 from Dyson weighs just 2.6kg, and features a 20 minute run time from it’s 22v battery – but does it perform as well as competing products? Read on to find out.!

Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners

Cylinder vacuum cleaners consist of a main cylindrical base unit which houses the motor and dust container, which has a lengthy and flexible tube attachment which is used to suck up the dirt and dust from the flooring. This tube is usually constructed from plastic, and usually comes with a variety of head attachments for use … Read more

Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner includes the ingenious feature of not requiring a cord plugged into the mains when in use – and is incredibly flexible and versatile as a result. This cordless hoover design enables you to reach and clean areas that were not previously accessible via a traditional corded vacuum cleaner – areas such as stairs and isolated or hard … Read more

Corded Vacuum Cleaners

A corded vacuum cleaner is a hoover which features a mains cord – a cable which plugs the hoover into a mains electricity socket. This means that the vacuum cleaner is not reliant on a battery which may lose charge, and will not run out of power during use. Corded vacuum cleaners are slightly cheaper than cordless models, and are arguably … Read more

Cheap Vacuum Cleaners

Cheap Vacuum Cleaners – a selection of inexpensive vacuum cleaners, all of which cost £60 and under. Each budget vacuum cleaner features a full review, photos, specification and the latest pricing. If you’re on a budget and need a cheap hoover, then this is the page for you – all of our selected vacuums cost under £60 at the time … Read more

Best canister Vacuum cleaner

A canister vacuum cleaner is defined as a hoover featuring a large main base unit which provides the suction and stores the dirt, with a long flexible tube attachment being used to hoover the floor with. This differs from upright models which tend to be just one single unit with no attachments. These canister hoovers are also … Read more

Bosch BCH61840GB Review

In the modern vacuum cleaner market, manufacturers have realized that they have to go the extra mile in order to attract consumers.  This is particularly the case at the higher end of the price bracket, with new models taking a leaf out of the technology industry by investing more time in the aesthetics and usability … Read more