Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaners

Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaners

Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaners are hoovers that operate from a rechargeable battery system, which is usually charged via the mains electricity. The main advantages of having a rechargeable hoover are that you don’t need to be situated near a mains socket when using the vacuum cleaner, and are not limited by the length of the hoover cord – thus you … Read more

White Vacuum Cleaners

White Vacuum Cleaners

White Vacuum Cleaners – a large range of white coloured hoovers for your house. White is a colour associated with cleanliness and so is perfectly suitable for a sleek and stylish brand new vacuum cleaner. If you’re looking to purchase a white coloured vacuum cleaner, then this page is for you – with our vast selection of the UK’s … Read more

Vax V-124A Review UK

Vax V-124A

The vibrant Vax V-124A is their affordable carpet washer designed to remove the dirt that your vacuum can’t touch, breathing new life into your tired flooring! Vax V-124A Review A considerably affordable carpet washer designed for the average household, with solid build quality and an end result that leaves your drab old carpets looking fresh … Read more

Vax U91-MA-B Review UK

Vax U91-MA-B

The Vax U91-MA-B Air Multicyclonic Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner features a sizable 1.5ltr dust container and 1.5m versatile flexible hose. Vax U91-MA-B Review Very lightweight, doesn’t lose suction, comes with a handy accessory pack and a 6 year guarantee!The brush bar occasionally requires unclogging – a minor issue, and not one which would put us … Read more

Vax U90-MA-Re Review UK

Vax U90-MA-Re

The feathery Vax U90-MA-Re offers an astounding power to weight ratio, with a consistent A suction rating on multiple floor types, despite it’s minimal 4.9kg build. Vax U90-MA-Re Review Very light, powerful suction and exceptionally easy to wield about the house. The long power cable coupled with the hose accessory means that you can easily … Read more

Vax U88-AMM-B Review UK

Vax U88-AMM-B

The Vax U88-AMM-B Air3 Max is a superb lightweight upright vacuum, with unique multicyclonic technology, a practical 10 metre power cord and vast 3 litre dust storage container. Vax U88-AMM-B Review Very strong suction, easy to manoeuvre, very lengthy power cord for greater flexibility, provides decent vaue too!The powerful suction can lift lightweight carpets and … Read more

Vax Gator H90-GA-B Review UK

Vax Gator H90-GA-B

Looking for the perfect handheld vacuum? The orange Vax Gator H90-GA-B might just fit the bill. Vax Gator H90-GA-B Review Lightweight, well built, very portable, good level of suction None to mention – ideal for all the little jobs! Our Vax Gator H90-GA-B Vacuum Review The Vax Gator is the ultimate in handheld vacuum cleaners – it’s … Read more