Best Vacuum Cleaners For Carpets Reviews UK 2021

Carpet Washers are essentially vacuum cleaners which are designed to wash carpets rather than just vacuuming them. A carpet washer typically uses water and detergent to soak the carpet and dissolve any stains, before sucking up the dirty water, leaving the carpet looking like new. As they utilise water within their cleaning cycle, a carpet washer will clean a carpet or rug better than a traditional vacuum cleaner, and as such should return the carpet to looking new and spotless. The average carpet washer will feature a clean and dirty water tank – with the clean water being spread onto the carpet with a detergent or cleaning agent, which is left to soak and dissolve, before being sucked up into the dirty water tank, and disposed of. If you have a dirty carpet that a vacuum cleaner can’t clean, then a carpet washer would be ideal for breathing some life into the flooring, and having you from having to replace the carpet at great expense. Our carpet washer reviews are featured below, with each one including an unbiased review, photos, latest prices and details on where you can buy each model. If you’re looking for the best carpet washer, then read on for our guide to the market leaders.

Top Vacuum Cleaners For Carpets Reviews

1. Miele 10660820 Complete Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

This cleaner has a strong suction of 900 W which can clean lint and pet hair effectively. For this, a turbo brush is provided. The odors in the air are neutralized, thanks to the active air cleaning. To change any settings, one does not have to stoop because foot controls are provided. It has a bin capacity of 4.5 liters. It comes with a bag and an operating radius of 12 meters. The vacuum cleaner has manual shut-off button. Its all-round bumpers prevent your furniture and the vacuum cleaner from suffering from damages in cases of collisions. The machine comes with other accessories like a suction hose, one universal floor head, a suction tube, and one turbo brush which will help you in cleaning efficiently. An instruction manual will make things easier for you if you find any difficulties. 

According to customers, it has a high suction. It is easy to maneuver and in addition, the noise produced by the machine is also low, which does not create any disturbance, allowing the user to clean in silence. The cable can be rewound by simply tapping on the foot switch. The cleaner is good with pet litter and hair, too and the accessories are easy to detach and attach. People have really loved the product and recommend it. 

2. Dyson 214744-01 V8 Cordless Vacuum

This is an A+ class energy vacuum cleaner which works on batteries. It is a cordless vacuum cleaner and hence, the machine can be dragged around wherever cleaning is essential. It runs on lithium ion batteries which take about 5 hours to charge after full use. The machine is made up of plastic which makes it light in weight. It has a capacity of 0.54 liters for trash. It has a good suction with its 350 W power and 21.6 voltages. It doesn’t have an auto shut off feature and comes without a bag. It can run continuously for 40 minutes after which one will have to shut it off. The vacuum cleaner can be used anywhere to clean because it has a noise as low as 2 decibels. Extra attachments like motor head, crevice tool, and mini motorized tool, fluffy motor head and combination tool are provided with the machine. The entire product comes with a 2-year guarantee. Its filtration captures allergens from air and can suck dirt even from the carpets, including pet hair. 

Customers have reviewed the machine to be versatile along with being lightweight. It is easy to use and has a great suction power. Customers have turned towards this small vacuum cleaner and have not looked back at their decision. This vacuum cleaner can pick up even the smallest of debris like dirt going all the way to pick up big crumbles and even bits of paper. To swap the attachments is not a big deal. The machine can be used on a daily basis because it has good ratings saying you can without feeling any regret!

3. Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner (NV681UKT)

This is a lightweight vacuum cleaner with 1.8m hose length. It easily removes pet hair from sofas, stairs and even carpets. With one button, it can be switched from upright vacuum cleaner to handheld one. Then you can hoover the stairs and under the sofas. This is a powerful vacuum cleaner with strong suction which is enhanced with swivel steering. It works equally well on hard floors and carpets. It has attachments like an upholstery tool, a pet power brush for effective cleaning of pet dander, and a duster crevice tool. It also comes with a manual instruction booklet which allows the user to understand the machine better. The entire product has a 5-year guarantee. The duster cleans easily without you having to touch it. And the anti-allergen seal sucks in any allergens in the air and allows the air to be clean and healthy. 

Customers have found the machine quite easy to assemble and ideal in cleaning pet hair. It has been reviewed to have good suction power with 750 W and 220 V. The satisfying click on the button will tell you it has been pressed. It deep cleans hardwood floors and carpets without any disappointment and fuss. The lift-away system allows you to clean stairs. People have loved this hoover and recommend it to anyone living with pets without hesitance. 

4. Miele 10661210 Blizzard CX1 

This vacuum cleaner has a hygienic emptying with a superb power of 890 W. It has HEPA filter which captures all the allergens and pollen giving you maximum amounts of clean air. With EcoTeQ plus floor head, the user will get effective cleaning. One can clean in a radius of 10 m with the exceptionally long cable. The vacuum cleaner has a 2 liters bin capacity. At the touch of one button, you can empty the trash bin. No kind of disturbance is caused while using the machine as it produces noise less than 76 decibels. Special attachments like suction hose and suction tube are provided along with the machine due to which the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner increases. Due to the hoses, one can easily reach the far areas without taking many efforts. 

Customers have reviewed the machine to be easy to maneuver and durable to use for longer years. They have loved how the pet hair gets sucked in and cleans the awkward areas. The machine has proven to be quiet and in addition, the cable retracts itself when the work is over. Also, the HEPA filter need not be bought again and again because the same one can be used for a long time. The machine is heavy yet is easy to carry around. It is recommended to purchase if you are sick of your old cleaner. 

5. Henry Harry HHR-200-11 Dry Vacuum Cleaner


This product is a pet-friendly vacuum cleaner which is ideal for pet hair and pet odors. The charcoal activated Micro Fresh filter captures the entire pet odor and gives off fresh smell. The Hairo Brush is efficient in picking up the stubborn hair of your pets which is stuck in the carpets. It has a powerful suction with 620 W of power and 9 liters of trash bin. The self-seal feature keeps all the trash inside and does not allow the mess to spread outside again. A bag is provided and so is the feature of rewinding of the cable after use. HEPA filters are built-in with the machine. They won’t allow the allergens to remain in the air. An exceptional radius of 26.8 m is given for using the vacuum cleaner in. 

Customers have loved the product for its inexpensiveness. Various accessories are provided with the machine which will reduce your efforts in cleaning your house every day. Since it is not made of plastic, the chances of the product breaking down are less. Instead, it has been reviewed to be robust yet lightweight. It can collect all kinds of rubbish from your floors and carpets starting from dust particles to crumbles of food. People have used the hoover for years and have recommended it highly. 

6. Shark Duo Clean Powered Lift Away NV801UKCO

This vacuum cleaner, unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, uses two brush bars which work to remove 3 different kinds of dirt, big, small, and the ones that are stuck in carpets and difficult corners. To switch from hard floors to soft carpets dual control is provided on the handle as an On-Board Tool. Other accessories like duster and crevice tool is given for accessing tight spaces and edges effortlessly. One can easily change from upright vacuum cleaner to handheld one by detaching the main unit from the wand. The Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology captures all the allergens in the air and lets you breathe in fresh and healthy air. The cable is 8 m long which allows you to clean in a wider area. The 2-in-1 duster crevice tool and upholstery tool cleans every single spot without you having to change the accessories time and again. It’s got powerful LED headlights which can clean even in dark areas.

Customers have reviewed the vacuum cleaner amazing for its suction power and efficient for cleaning stairs. Shark vacuum cleaners are really lightweight and can work fine even for those who have any disability. It has low noise and is simple to maneuver. It has got good ratings and people recommend to others who need a lightweight yet powerful vacuum cleaner for their houses.

7. Miele 10660810 Complete C3 Power Line Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

This black vacuum cleaner has a suction power of 890 W. It has a universal floor head. The plus/minus buttons can be pressed with the foot control feature. The user does not need to stoop to change them. It has got an adjustable working height, thanks to the stainless steel telescopic tube. It has got versatile accessories which ease the efforts. Three accessories are provided. It comes with a bag which can hold up to 4.5 liters of trash. The entire machine is lightweight and easy to carry around. Noise level is as low as 76 decibels which lets the user work in a peaceful environment without disturbing people around him. The machine works great both on hard floors as well as carpets. Not only small pieces of crumble but pet dander is also captured by this vacuum cleaner which makes it reliable.

Customers have reviewed the product to be durable and easy to maneuver. Since the machine does not run on batteries, the user need not worry about half finishing the task of cleaning. In addition, the cable can be rewound after use. The quality of the machine is great and can be used for years. Customers have appreciated how well the machine works on carpeted surfaces. It has great ratings and can be bought without reluctance.

8. Dyson DC40 Animal Lightweight 

To prevent loss of suction, Radial Root Cyclone technology is built in the machine which is patented. This machine sucks in all the allergens and pollens in the air and expels healthy, clean air. The machine can capture particles as small as 0.5 microns including bacteria and mould. It comes with ball technology which can turn in its place. It can reach the awkward areas and tight spaces in the furniture. Maneuverability is the machine’s strong point. The suction is quite powerful and it can adjust for optimal contact on hard floors, too. With being durable, the machine is lightweight, too. All the parts of the vacuum cleaner are guaranteed for 5 years. Special features of the cleaner includes without bag, cord rewind, animal brush, self-emptying function, hardwood floor brush, turbine brush and a washable filter. 

It has a 9.6 m operating radius which allows the person to use it without unplugging every time. It has an amazing power of 900 W which creates a commendable suction. The machine is light in weight weighing 6.6 kg. When using, the machine does not create a lot of noise which doesn’t exceed 85 decibels. Accessories like a debris nozzle and the stair tool removes dirt and dust from difficult spaces on stairs. The entire thing is easy to assemble and usage is easier. Some customers have found the vacuum cleaner disappointing but it also depends on the use of the customer. Others recommend it. 

9. Dyson DC40 Multi Floor Lightweight 

This vacuum cleaner is built with Patented Radial Cyclone technology which does not create any loss of suction. It does not weigh more and isn’t bulky yet the suction is powerful enough to suck in any kind of debris, even pet hair. The suction is located at the cleaner head and a ball technology is one of the features of the vacuum cleaner which rotates on the spot. It has a bin capacity of 1.6 liters with an operating radius of 12 m. The machine has a power of 1100 W. While cleaning, you won’t create any sort of disturbance around you because the cleaner creates 85 decibels of sound. Some of the special features of the vacuum cleaner include hard floor brush, washable filter, self-emptying function and cyclonic suction.

Customers have found the vacuum cleaner easy to assemble and easier to maneuver. Since the entire product is guaranteed with a 5-year guarantee, customers have found it easy to deal with problems they found with the machine. Accessories like combination tool and stair tool make cleaning easy for its users. It has good ratings and is recommended because of its fantastic performance with dirt, trash and even allergens in the air. 

Are you tired of searching through thousands of websites for the perfect vacuum cleaner for your house? Are you sick of listening to others’ reviews yet stuck with a cleaner not up to your taste? We are here to your rescue. When choosing a vacuum cleaner, a couple of things are needed to be considered. The cleaner should pick up debris of varying size from a small speck of dust to a crumbled piece of paper. It should work fine with different kinds of floor heads from soft carpets to hard floors. Along with having the strongest suction, the machine should be easy to use and light weight or else, the cleaner will become more of a frustrating machine. For healthy air, it is necessary to have a good filter. HEPA filter is proven to be the best as it can suck in even the allergens in the air. Listed below are some of the fantastic vacuum cleaners which stay true to all the above specifications.