Bosch Vacuum Cleaners

Bosch Vacuum Cleaners: A selection of the latest UK vacuum cleaners that have been manufactured by Bosch. Our Bosch Vacuum Cleaner reviews include a full specification, unbiased review, the latest prices and photos, as well as the best and cheapest websites to buy each vacuum cleaner online. Bosch are known for creating reliable and incredibly hard wearing appliances, from Washing machines to lawn mowers, and their range of vacuum cleaners follow suit. If you’re after the best Bosch hoover to clean your house or home, then this is the page for you.

Cleaning is the most important part in our day-to-day life. It is also one of the toughest jobs to be done. But with the increasing technology every problem has a solution. And the best solution for cleaning is the invention of Vacuum Cleaner. Reducing the labor work, saving energy and working efficient a vacuum cleaner seems to be a perfect choice to finish the work smarter and easier. We need to change the appliances and use a better one from the upcoming new products.

Many companies have been producing vacuum cleaners with various features and in various models. Bosch is one of those companies which works constantly to provide best solutions for the house hold chores. Vacuum cleaners from Bosch work kind to the floors, tough on animal hair and way easy to handle. With impressive and exemplary design the company has always been producing vacuum cleaners which are very well received by the buyers.

We dream of a clean house. But who actually thinks about the cleaning? Well! Bosch does it for you and your house.

Many types such as the bagged, bag less, cordless and rechargeable vacuum cleaners are produced from the Bosch. Every cleaner is unique in it’s own way. Discover the various types available in the market today. Let’s have a glance at all of the Bosch Vacuum Cleaners.

1.Bosch BCH625KTGB Athlete Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Bosch Athlete exhibits long life  performance combined with sensor bagless Technology. The cleaner produces 2400 Watts of power enhancing deep clean. When the filters needs to be cleaned , a LED red signal is enabled by the sensors to get the job done. This means maximum performance with minimum maintenance as long as it lasts.

All floor power brush with a flexible nozzle joint ensures you to clean every nook and corner of the house including the edges. It will be even able to stand on its own taking up little bit of your space.


Lithium Battery

The cleaner has powerful rechargeable batteries with performance. It stands durable and lasts long with short period of time charging.

Sensor Control Technology

Consistent performance is ensured with the sensors exhibiting deep and perfect clean. In case if filter needs to be cleaned LED signals will be enabled.

Easy Clean System

The cleaner has nozzle brush roll and high power brush which can be used for cleaning on any type of floors and any type of tasks. Taking from the floors to carpets all the surfaces can be cleaned up effectively.

Cordless Vacuuming

The cleaner has adjustable accessories which help in the cleaning of upholstery and the edges or corners.

Three levels

Level 1 is suitable for  normal jobs within maximum amount of time.

Level 2 is suitable for tough cleaning jobs within medium time.

Level 3 is suitable for stubborn cleaning within less time.

Long lasting Performance

The cleaner with lithium ion Technology runs for up to 60 minutes continuously. So that it provides effective and high performance cleaning.

Impressive Design and comfort

Sleek and stylish design makes the cleaner suit and fit into any kind of home. Moreover it is easy to use, easy to store and can be easily maintained.

With continuous run time of 60 minutes experience thorough cleaning on all floors for all types of tasks. Get perfect and maximum performance with minimal maintenance. With the high power brush and accessories the vacuum stands as the perfect choice for all kinds of floors.

2.Bosch BCH6PETGB Pro Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner exhibits amazing performance with high power brush revolving 5000 revolutions per minute. With this technology vacuum ensures thorough cleaning on all kinds of floors for all types of tasks. Sensors constantly monitor the performance of the cleaner and make sure it lasts for long time. With minimum maintenance and maximum cleaning get your carpets, corners , edges, corners and furniture’s cleaned perfectly.

Pro’s in using Bosch BCH6PETGB

  • With well designed nozzle and accessories get thorough cleaning on all floors and get rid of the pet hair easily.
  • Batteries can be charged for short time but can be used for 60 minutes continuously without any trouble.
  • It is light in weight, easy to operate, easy to use and store making it convenient for you.
  • Vacuum Cleaner has bagless Technology and maintains perfect cleaning performance with powerful Suction.
  • Can be used for upholstery and corners all over the house.



  • Plug in adaptor with hose
  • Shoulder strap
  • Upholstery nozzle
  • Crevice nozzle

These tools make the cleaner stand ideal for perfect cleaning for all types of tasks.


Bagless Technology and pro animal brush enhance the process of cleaning making it work efficiently and powerful.

Maximum Flexibility

The cleaner has a nozzle which reaches to all the corners and furniture’s without limitations. It makes the job of cleaning in all nook and corners easy and fast.


The sensors control and monitor consistent performance of cleaning. LED lights are enabled in order to know if it needs to get charged.

Three levels

Level 1 is suitable for  normal jobs within maximum amount of time.

Level 2 is suitable for tough cleaning jobs within medium time.

Level 3 is suitable for stubborn cleaning within less time.

Long lasting Performance

The cleaner with lithium ion Technology runs for up to 60 minutes continuously. So that it provides effective and high performance cleaning. 

3.Bosch BBH65KITGB Athlete Power Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Don’t want to compromise with the performance of your vacuum cleaner , here is the best solution from Bosch. This Bosch Vacuum Cleaner is perfect to use all over the home. It is cordless and light in weight to use freely without any hassle in all rooms. The maneuverable nozzle attachment makes it ideal for all those hard to reach places. The vacuum also stands freely making it easier to store and charge as well without taking much of your space.

All floor motorized brush runs with 5000 revolutions per minute ensuring greater results on all floors for all kinds of jobs. Sensor controlled performance is monitored by the Sensor bagless Technology to manage minimum maintenance with maximum cleaning performance. Get it charged once and use it continuously for up to 45 minutes. Enjoy the three level performance for all tasks of cleaning.

Three levels

Level 1 is suitable for  normal jobs within maximum amount of time.

Level 2 is suitable for tough cleaning jobs within medium time.

Level 3 is suitable for stubborn cleaning within less time.

4.Bosch Universal Vac Wet and dry Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is a practical and compact that is wet and dry functioning.  The cordless cleaner has both blowing and vacuuming functions standing unique and ideal. Cylinder with almost 15 liters capacity is resistant and non rusting lasting for a long time. It has four wheels to move it easily on all floors and can be neatly folded and stored separately.

Pro’s in using Universal Vac

  • Cleaner consists of a floor nozzle that penetrates deep and cleans both dry and wet dirt.
  • Accessory tools are in built and stored in the internal components of cleaner without taking up large space.
  • A cartridge filter system is provided which works efficient for cleaning up dry and wet particles. So filter need not be changed.
  • With the powerful blowing system all the dirt particles can be sucked up easily.
  • Enhances the process of cleaning in all floors and hard to reach areas.

5.Bosch BBHL2D18GB Readyy’y Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

 With this ultra light weight vacuum cleaner move from room to room and clean all the edges and corners neatly. Consisting of built in and detachable hand held the vacuum cleaner works as two in one for all kinds of works on all floors. It has lithium ion Technology which helps the cleaner get charged in six hours and can be used continuously for 40 minutes. The cleaner is easily maneuverable and also makes the work of cleaning easier with accessories.

This vacuum cleaner is bagless and has a 0.4 liters dustbin to collect all the dirt. So , don’t worry about Changing the bags no replacement is required. Moreover, the container also consists of a filter enhancing the efficiency of cleaner. Brush roller helps you get rid of hairs all over on floors. High suction power, well equipped, bagless Technology and Washable Filter makes the vacuum cleaner a perfect choice for deep clean. Just use the cleaner on all floors for all kinds of tasks and remove it easily. The work is done.


  • Hand held has the ability to disconnect so you can do floors with hand stick for quick clean up. With a red handle just remove the bin , empty it and again use it.
  • Vacuum is cordless so that it does not require cord to operate and then use vacuum cleaner around whole house without worrying about switching power from one room to another that can be quite a hassle.
  • It is light in weight and compact to use. If you are fed up using heavy machines then this vacuum cleaner is the perfect choice for you.

6.Bosch GL-30 floor Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is Eco ready and anti allergy. It has HEPA filter system which cleans out all the dirt particles enhancing the efficiency of cleaner. About four liters volume dust bag is provided to collect dust. This is well designed that it need not be changed frequently. Optimum cleaning performance is ensured on all floors for all kinds of tasks.

The suction power can be controlled with the rotary control. Quattro Per system provides outstanding cleaning results at low energy consumption level. The motor runs powerful with 650 Watts of power consumption. Just buy the cleaner, assemble the parts and clean your house neat and perfect.

Coming to the best product in all these, it is difficult to choose one. However , each product has unique Design with unique features and impressive performance. Based on the features, quality, performance, ratings and reviews GL-30 floor Vacuum Cleaner from Bosch can be considered the best and perfect choice. The nozzle, hose, motor and all the tools inside the cleaner together assemble as a perfect vacuum cleaner to get the job done. 69% of the buyers have given five star ratings to the cleaner and were very satisfied with the over all performance and features of the cleaner. And 6% of the people found some faults in the parts and found it very disappointing to use and receive it. Over all the vacuum cleaner is well received by the customers.

For long and convenient vacuuming large bin container is provided without changing it often. A dual filtration system is also in built within the cleaner to clean the dirt captured. The accessories include crevice tool and upholstery nozzle to clean in all the edges, corners and hard to reach areas. Clean on all floors, carpets and underneath the furniture with the smart Bosch Vacuum Cleaner.

Added convenience with large volume dust container and maximum Flexibility with or without bags makes the cleaner stand ideal and perfect choice. Overall the cleaner is easy to use, operate and store as well. It is highly hygienic and maintains your home hygiene further. A clean home is a happy home. Stay clean, stay safe and stay happy with neat surroundings.

Bosch Vacuum Cleaners are the perfect appliances to use and maintain. Further more the products are well appreciated and received till today by all the customers. No matter if the cleaner is bagged or bagless or corded or cordless the cleaner stands with best features and design. The ultimate thing you experience is perfect And deep clean. Cleaning never becomes smart or more easier with these appliances. Know the types of floors in your home, know about the tasks to be done and analyze the features of the cleaner before you buy a vacuum cleaner. Stay smart in selecting and using. As a result get perfect clean and hygiene environment around you in your home or industries or factories or cars or anywhere.