Bosch BCH61840GB Review

In the modern vacuum cleaner market, manufacturers have realized that they have to go the extra mile in order to attract consumers.  This is particularly the case at the higher end of the price bracket, with new models taking a leaf out of the technology industry by investing more time in the aesthetics and usability of the appliance, instead of just trying to fit a bigger motor.  Style and form have obtained greater importance in consumer’s priorities when making a purchase; function and price alone are no longer the only criteria that are considered. The Bosch BCH61840GB is the perfect example of this – it’s smooth, sleek and streamlined black casing is almost unrecognizable when compared to older awkward looking vacuums of several years ago.  Light in use, yet powerful enough to be highly effective, on first glance Bosch appear to have created the perfect rechargeable vacuum.  But is it worth the hefty price tag?  Here we take a look at the gorgeous BCH61840GB, and establish whether the hype is justified, or if you’re better off shopping elsewhere – read on for our review. The Bosch BCH61840GB is a lightweight rechargeable upright vacuum, with a quick charge time. Weighing just 3kg, it features 3 power levels together with a stylish cordless design to make vacuuming your home that little bit more tolerable!

Bosch BCH61840GB Review

Lightweight, sturdy construction, comfortable to use and excellent levels of suction from each of the three modes. Stunning design, with gorgeous smooth contours, it’s genuinely one of the most stylish vacuums we’ve used. Not quite as versatile as it’s BCH625KTGB cousin, and does not feature any accessories – a very good vacuum cleaner nonetheless.

Our Bosch BCH61840GB Vacuum Review

The Bosch BCH61840GB is a exquisitely designed black vacuum cleaner providing the perfect balance between weight and power.  Our testers loved the black design – it looks modern and streamlined, and the handle is very comfortable to hold with either hand. The 18v battery is strong enough to provide a high level of suction, which we consider incredible given the cordless nature of this vacuum cleaner, yet the overall weight is a slim 3.2kg.  In terms of size, the BCH61840GB is around 116cm high, but sleek enough not to take up much storage space.  It must be noted that this model doesn’t feature any accessories – so this can be seen as a bonus if space is of a premium – or a downside if you were relying on this model to vacuum hard to reach areas. Upon un-boxing this vacuum, we gave it a quick charge, and then tried it out at our testers home.  Regardless of the floor type or material, it coped with dust and dirt admirably, leaving the floors clean, vacuuming exceptionally quietly.  This is true of most cordless models, but the Bosch BCH61840GB runs fairly silently when compared to the average vacuum cleaner.  The dust container is quite small, and so will fill up fast if you don’t hoover very often – however emptying is a simple operation that takes very little effort or time. The build quality is, as you’d expect from Bosch, very sturdy, and the motor should last for years based upon our experiences with other Bosch products.  The three modes are simple to switch between, with the most powerful Turbo mode taking up the most power, and reducing the battery run time to around 20 minutes.  The other two power levels convert the vacuum cleaner between hard flooring and carpet modes, to ensure efficiency.

Essentially this vacuum cleaner is ideal for using either on a daily or bi-weekly basis to keep your house clean.  Due to the small dust canister capacity it won’t be as suitable for a “once every few months” type consumer, as it will require emptying fairly frequently for heavier vacuum jobs.  It’s strong enough for everything from pet hair to ingrained mud, and the generous run time will give you more than enough time to finish your house before it needs recharging.

Our Verdict for the Bosch BCH61840GB Vacuum Cleaner

The Bosch BCH61840GB Athlet is a dependable, lightweight and well built upright rechargeable vacuum cleaner.  Granted, it costs a little extra than the average vacuum, but the build quality and reliability associated with Bosch products should ensure that it will provide years of usage.  It’s main selling point is the low weight and high suction – we were very impressed with the overall performance.  If you can justify spending a little more, then you may find the Bosch BCH625KTGB will provide a few extra features for very little extra outlay.  Asides from that, the BCH61840GB is a quality rechargeable vacuum at a reasonable price.

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  • Durable rechargeable lithium battery, with long run time and incredibly short charge times.
  • Cordless design to provide extra versatility and flexibility, enabling you to vacuum easier and faster
  • SensorBagless technology built in, to maintain efficiency throughout usage, regardless of how full the dust canister is.
  • Easy to store and charge, ready for the next usage
  • Bagless design with easy empty dust canister
  • The Bosch BCH61840GB Athlet features a 0.9 litre capacity
  • Weighs just over 3kg in total – featherlight for easy use
  • Upright design, to avoid bending down when vacuuming the floor
  • 18 volt battery built in
  • Upright vacuum cleaner manufactured by Bosch
  • Cordless system, so not limited to vacuuming near mains sockets
  • Bagless design, which enables you to save both money and the environment
  • 3 power settings, with an overall weight of 3.2kg
  • Measures 116cm high by 28.5cm by 18.5cm, so easy to store and carry around the house.
  • Similar to the Bosch BCH625KTGB in terms of design.


Manufacturer: Bosch
Model: BCH61840GB
Capacity: 0.9 litres
Style: upright
Type: bagless
Power Source: Battery
Power: 140w
Voltage: 18v
Cord Type: cordless
Cord Length: n/a
Colour: black
Power Settings: 3
Weight: 3.2kg
Dimensions: 116cm by 28.5cm by 18.5cm
Extras: instruction manual
Our Rating: 4 out of 5