Black Vacuum Cleaners – UK Reviews

Black Vacuum Cleaners – an extensive selection of sleek black coloured hoovers for your home. Black traditionally matches most colour schemes, and never dates and so will match your existing appliances and fit in at your home for many years to come. If you’re looking to buy a black coloured vacuum cleaner, then this section is for you – with our huge selection of the best black hoovers on the market in the UK. Each black vacuum cleaner review contains a full break down, specification, photos as well as a score out of five and details on where you can buy online. Find your ideal black hoover here.

Hygiene is the most important thing to maintain everywhere in our surroundings. Well! To stay healthy and safe Taking precautions over all the minute details is becoming more important day by day. Speaking  about the tidiness in our house we find it the toughest job to get it done. Even though you clean your house it remains filthy. I know that all the women out there are fed up thinking how to make it clean. The problem lies in the small dust and tiny dirt particles which cannot be seen. So no matter what we clean and how much we clean these small dirt particles are tough and had to remove. 

Well! we are in the 21st century an there is a solution for every problem. Likewise, to clean in our house or industries or any where we have the perfect solution a vacuum cleaner. Now what is it that makes it different from a broomstick  or other products used for cleaning. Here lies the specialty of a vacuum cleaner. That trick is suction. A vacuum cleaner works by sucking up the dirt that is visible and invisible making it a perfect cleaning removing entire dust. there are lots of products available in the market today. 

It is very important to analyze and buy a product worth your money. So let’s begin the hunt for the best black vacuum cleaners. All the listed vacuum cleaners are of black color. What is the importance given to color? Well! To maintain a appliance is to make it look good in any condition both in and out. The internal condition can be managed but the outer condition needs to be taken care of from scratches or damages. And for such reasons black color stays strong and more durable.

1.Amazon Basics Powerful bagless cylinder Vacuum cleaner

 Clean your home from top to bottom with the lighter and compact amazing vacuum cleaner from Amazon basics. The bagged vacuum cleaner moves easily from room to room for thorough cleaning. The cleaner stands well with equipped features required to clean the home. This cleaner provides 700 Watts of  electric power and rolls smoothly all over.

Pro’s in using Vacuum Cleaner:

  • The cleaner has a smooth rolling maneuverability and reusable dust bag making the work of disposal easier.
  • Easy to operate and when finished tuck on  a foot operated cord rewind in simple step until you use it for next time.
  • It is very lighter and more compact to use with sleek and versatile design.
  • The vacuum cleaner works well for vacuuming stairs, hard floors and for cleaning under the furniture.
  • Vacuum cleaner ensures A energy rating for efficient use of energy that means lower electric bills.
  • The cleaner maintains ultimate power and impressive performance.
  • It comes up pretty well on hard floors with well equipped tools.

Con’s in using Vacuum Cleaner

  • The cord is plated with chrome which may get scratched and removed while using for a long time.
  • It may flip over when pulled too hard as it is light in weight.
  • Sometimes the machine doesn’t suck up the dirt particles on too rough surfaces.
  • The Hoover seems to be quite hard to adjust within all heights in the middle of cleaning.


Highly energy efficient

The vacuum cleaner carries a efficient energy rating of A that means lower electric bills. So it works precise for using energy efficiently and stands good for environment as well with less impact. Go, get amazing performance being energy efficient.

Floor and Dust Re-Emission Class:

On the bare floor surfaces and stairs the cleaner works very effective. The rating of A comes for hard floors and D for the carpet. Clean exhaust air is the meaning of rating A for dust Re-Emission.

HEPA 12 Filter

Using it continuously may cause the air to get polluted with the sucked out dirt particles. But the HEPA 12 Filter ensures to extract out 99.5 % of dust particles and other airborne allergens. So make sure that the air comes out is very clean and tidy.

Easy empty Dust Cup

The bag in which the dust is collected can be easily removed to throw out the trash. In the same way, the bag can again be used putting it back in the position or a new bag can be changed with the covers Available for daily usage.

Cyclonic Technology

Intense power is provided to suck out all the dirt particle in air, dust , pet hair or other debris. More the power , more is the suction.

Removable and Washable Filter

Take out the filter quite often to clean it with water. This increases optimal performance of the cleaner thereby preventing break down of the cleaner due to accumulation of dirt particles.

Tools included are

  • Crevice tool to navigate cleaning under the furniture at tough spots.
  • Nozzle for furniture and drapery
  • Dusting brush in case of layers of debris
  • Parquet brush for smooth gliding

All the accessories included and equipped provide easy access for effective cleaning.

2.Milie Power line Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

If you are looking for a good cleaner that lasts for longer time then Milie Bagged Vacuum Cleaner is the best choice. The cleaner is very powerful and on its maximum setting cleaner head will grip on that surface in such a way that it is harder to lift. If the power is too much , press of a button lowers the power down in increments. The Hoover is sturdy, compact and very well made with handy tools.

The design is very improved in a good way of approach to the buyers. It is lighter weight and is more maneuverable especially on the stairs. Well! It works good on all floors and is quiet too without any causing a disturbance. The cleaner provides 890 Watts of power and is way effective that sucks up even long hair. The bags need not be changed quiet often that fits inside the internal parts and cleaning itself inside as well. It is a sleek and stylish model well received by the buyers and works effective at dirt picking on all floors and surfaces. Over all the cleaner has reliable and powerful cable retraction mechanism which has tools inside the body. 


  • Adjustable power controls
  • Effortless foot controls
  • 4.5 liter Dust Capacity
  • Extra large Dust bag
  • Self sealing bag
  • No contact with bag contents on disposal
  • One touch cable rewind

The vacuum cleaner is a perfect choice for cleaning and is well equipped for all your uses. Make your work easier and smarter with the Milie Power line Bagged Vacuum Cleaner.

3.Ozoy Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

If you are looking for a cleaner which makes your work easier and lasts for long time, then the ozoy vacuum cleaner is the best. It can be used continuously for up to 30 minutes when charged for 2-3 hours. The vacuum provides 120 Watts of power with a suction of up to 8000 PA. It works very effective absorbing the hair, pet hair, food residues, soot , paper scraps and even milk liquids.

The cleaner also sucks up invisible allergens keeping your house or car or surroundings neat and clean.

HEPA Filter

Two filters are provided in the cleaner to make the process of cleaning more convenient. The filter is removable which can be easily detached and washed quite often. Don’t worry of how to clean it. A small brush is also provided with the cleaner to wash all corners of the filter .

Cordless Design and Wet dry

The cleaner is well designed , light weight and portable to use it for cleaning purpose. The unique Design makes it suck up not only the dry dirt or dust particles but also helps in removing liquid particles.

Lithium Battery

The battery has a capacity of 3000mah which needs to be charged for 3 hours and can be used for up to 30 minutes. 

Charging System

The charging System has three layers of over voltage protection, over current protection and over temperature protection. So ensure that the cleaner is safe to use and store as well.

All round Cleaning

Different nozzles can be used for cleaning in narrow gaps or corners or outlets. So all the corners of a area can be cleaned including the hard to reach areas.

For a small house hold , the cleaner stands the best and durable choice to use that lasts long with amazing performance.

4.iROBOT Roomba 671 Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning never becomes more smarter with the IRobot vacuum cleaner. The cleaner is equipped with smart Technology that is Wi-Fi connected. Just schedule it and it does all the cleaning work everywhere in your home. You can operate it using a phone or Tablet, works with Alexa and Google voice activated speaker with the navigation Technology.

Pro’s in using IRobot vacuum cleaner

  • Ensures every area is clean even the hard to reach areas and under sofas and furniture.
  • The cleaner is well designed to enhance perfect cleaning picking up small dirt particles to large debris and pet hair as well.
  • Works well on all the smooth and hard floors.
  • The sensors detect dirt particles and cleans up neatly.
  • No smart hub required.

Con’s in using IRobot Vacuum Cleaner

  • Sometimes the Roomba may miss directions where it is going and sucking up the dirt.
  • The Technology may not work properly at times due to some technical issues.


Multi surface brushes

The brushes work together to grab dust, dirt and large debris to clean around. The first brush loosens, lifts and picks up the dirt effectively. The other brushes pass on the debris into the suction channel.

Edge sweeping Brush

At 27° angle the brush is specially designed to sweep away dirt from edges and corners into the cleaning path on floors.

Auto Adjust Cleaning Head

The head adjusts the height so that the brushes remain in contact with the floors to remove and brush away all the dirt on hard floors and carpets.

Detecting Sensors

The cliff sensors prevent the Roomba from falling down on stairs so that it works well for the process of cleaning.

Aerovac Filter 

 The filter works highly efficient by removing 99% of all the dirt particles, allergens and other small particles. Over all the cleaner promises for neat and tidy clean.

Get a smart cleaning done with a smart appliance. All you need to do is just keep the schedule set. The Roomba does the work for you in a smarter way.

5.Round Hause Sniff Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

 Clean your home and get rid  of all the dirt particles in one go In all the areas with wet and dry Round Hause sniff vacuum cleaner. Not only the dry dirt but also the wet dirt and liquid spills can easily be removed and brushed away with this. The cleaner is light in weight and ensures that you get rid of all the annoying dirt in your home around you.

HEPA filter

The filter hassle free cleaning by sucking up all the dirt particles. Clear out the mess outside in your home and leave the mess inside cleaner to HEPA filter Technology.

Powerful Suction

The cleaner perfectly cleans up wet spills, dry dirt and other allergens by sucking up all the particles causing dirt in the areas.


The device is handy and small enough to store anywhere. Place it in a cupboard or drawer, it fits right in. The cleaner may be small but the work it does is way more efficient.

Lithium Battery

The cleaner has two powerful cells which get charged up in no time. However, once the cleaner gets fully charged it can be used continuously for 15 to 20 minutes.

Sleek Design 

Designed to be emitting low noise and functional at the same time, the cleaner can be well appreciated for it’s performance.

With the well equipped features and good quality the cleaner is well received by the buyers.

Coming to the best of all , based on reviews , ratings, quality and design Milie Power line Bagged Vacuum Cleaner is well received by the buyers. The cleaner is a sensible choice which has the Placement of small cleaning tools inside the body. It has foot operable buttons throughout the unit. This good quality with improved design facilitates the work of cleaning more easier and perfect.

It is improved in design, light weight and is more maneuverable which is good to use on all floors. Reviews speak best about a product. 88% of the buyers found it well appreciated and perfect choice and have given five star ratings. 1% of the people found the product to be disappointing from their expectations.

Integrated accessories, comfort telescopic tube, parking system and comfort cable rewind make the cleaner ideal and the best choice with all features. Good quality, simple to use and easy to store cleaner attracts everyone to buy it and have a good cleansing of home. Stay smart and stay safe by picking a perfect vacuum cleaner.