Black & Decker 18V Dustbuster Review

The Black & Decker Pivot Dustbuster is a flexible handheld vacuum, aimed at cleaning those hard to reach spots.

Black & Decker Pivot 18V Dustbuster Review

Lightweight, flexible head means you can hoover at practically any angle. Decent build quality too. None to mention – just remember to charge the vacuum prior to use.

Finished in a sleek blue and silver exterior, the Black & Decker Pivot Dustbuster is a unique handheld vacuum cleaner.  It’s powered by an 18v battery, and delivers an incredibly powerful suction, especially considering this is a rechargeable lightweight handheld hoover.  The main selling point is the adjustable pivoting head – which enables you to set the vacuum angle in 8 different positions, giving you a 200 degree range.  This is ideal for when vacuuming awkward or hard to reach areas – no longer will you have to stretch or adjust your body into an uncomfortable position – simply set the vacuum to the desired angle instead.

In terms of portability, the Pivot Dustbuster is great – small enough to fit into tiny spaces, and lightweight at just 1.6kg.  Storage is simple enough – it simply folds up, and emptying the dust container only takes a handful of seconds.  Overall capacity is 500ml, which is quite large for a handheld – our testers were impressed.

In terms of performance, as you’d expect from Black & Decker, it’s powerful, yet runs fairly silently.  It sucked up all of the various dirt samples we tested it on, and battery life is pretty good for a handheld.

Overall, our testers really liked the Pivot Dustbuster PV1825N-GB – small and lightweight enough to be portable, yet powerful enough to make a difference.

Our Verdict for the Black & Decker Pivot Dustbuster PV1825N-GB Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re after a versatile and flexible handheld vacuum cleaner, then the 18v Black & Decker Pivot Dustbuster (PV1825N-GB) is well worth looking at – it looks sleek, is very lightweight at just 1.6kg, and has a decent level of suction.  The adjustable head is the main selling point, enabling you to reach and clean those awkward areas in your house.  Ideal for hoovering the bits your normal vacuum cleaner can’t reach – the Pivot Dustbuster comes highly recommended by us.

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Black + Decker 18V Dustbuster Pivot Key Features

 Pivoting Nozzle – The Dustbuster Pivot has a patented nozzle that pivots up to 200 degrees. This makes it hugely practical for reaching awkward places around your home and vehicle.

 Integrated Tools – The nozzle has a flip up soft brush to help you with dusting, as well as an extendable crevice tool so you have everything you need as you clean.

 Triple Cyclonic and Filtration Action – The cyclonic action of the 18V Dustbuster handheld allows dirt to stay away from the filter, and to ensure suction remains at a maximum. The 980-watt motor is also positioned within the filter for efficiency and to ensure there is no compromise in performance.

Battery Life

Black + Decker’s 18V pivot uses an 18-volt lithium-ion battery which allows it to produce 35 air watts (10 more than their 18v Flexi model) for a continuous 10 minutes without fading. Charging time does take up to 4 hours once it has been depleted fully, which is a long time for such a short run time. However, this is made convenient with the small charging dock which can be wall mounted though many choose not to. There is a blue LED power and charging indicator light which flashes while it’s charging and turns off when it’s fully charged. The light also acts as a warning while in use by flashing 30 seconds prior to the unit running out of juice. Once the battery is fully charged, the charger shuts off automatically so you don’t use more electricity than you have to.

Design & Accessories

The 18V Dustbuster Pivot is ready to use outside of the box as no assembly is required and it already contains charge. However, it’s recommended to connect it to the supplied dock for at least 4 hours to make sure the battery is fully charged before you begin. The unit itself comes across as a study, quality hard plastic item fashioned in silver and white, with a translucent dust bowl so you can always monitor when it needs to be emptied and/or cleaned.

As mentioned, the Pivot does closely resemble a traditional handheld, although by holding in a button on the handle (above the on/off switch) you can pivot the nozzle at various angles up to 200 degrees for convenient cleaning. Contained on the end of the nozzle is also a flip up soft brush which can be used for dusting and cleaning upholstery, in addition to an extendable crevice tool for tight areas.

When you want to empty the dirt receptacle/dust bowl you can do this by releasing the door on the side and emptying it over a dustbin – shaking to get all the debris out. To clean the filter there is a button located on the side of the nozzle which pulls the filter housing and the dirt receptacle away from the main motor unit. This allows you to remove the filter and clean the entire section that comes into contact with dirt for optimal hygiene. It’s even possible to clean the filter in a dishwasher so it will keep working for years to come.


The Black + Decker 18V Pivot is surprisingly powerful for such a little machine which makes it ideal for picking up everything from beach sand in your car, and cat litter in your home, to spilt cereal and coffee grounds on tabletops tops. It’s suitable for multiple surfaces whether that’s carpeting (i.e. entrance welcome mats), hard flooring, or upholstery.

The flip out brush also makes it great for cleaning vehicle vents, blinds, skirting boards, window ledges, shelves and the usual dust that accumulates on and around electronic appliances. The crevice tool is easy to extend and helps to reach under furniture, between small spaces (i.e. around kitchen appliances) and of course between car seats or sofa cushions.

It’s lightweight at 1.38kg and also easy to clean both the dust bowl and filter as mentioned above in the design section. Two negative points are that the dirt capacity is only 0.44 litres (though this isn’t bad for a handheld), and it’s much noisier than expected. You’ll also find that for the most part, you won’t use the pivot feature that much unless you’re trying to clean items above head height.


The 18V Dustbuster Pivot is mid-priced at under £80 with free UK delivery, and while there are both cheaper and more expensive models, we feel that this is a respectable price for a cordless handheld that should last for a long time. As with other similar Black + Decker products, there is a two-year guarantee and an option to extend or improve the coverage when purchasing on Amazon.


Overall the 18V Pivot is an impressionable little handheld, cordless, vacuum cleaner that’s easy to use, simple to clean so that it functions like new, and has enough suction to perform the tasks it was actually meant to do. If you’re looking for a reliable handheld, we’d recommend placing this one at the top of your list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the hoover have a battery life indicator? 

No, it doesn’t, but a blue LED light will flash 30 seconds before it runs out of power. It also flashes while it’s charging and turns off when fully charged.

Do you need to hold the switch in all the time while using the Pivot?

No, it’s a simple on/off switch.

I have arthritis in my hands, will this be difficult to use?

Other customers who have arthritis or other conditions are able to use the Dustbuster Pivor without any discomfort. 

Can this hoover be used to pick up wet material?

No, it is designed to only pick up dry dirt and debris.

How do I remove the filter?

Once you have removed the filter housing and dirt receptacle section of the hoover, you must turn the filter clockwise to pull it out.

Is the filter washable?

Yes. While most vacuum filters either need to be replaced or only be cleaned using running water, you can use a dishwasher to clean the filter. This makes this machine extra hygienic as you can also clean the dust bowl and nozzle. Just make sure everything is 100% dry before reassembling.

Can model this pick up pet hair?

It has no problem picking up pet hair on hard surfaces, though does have some limitations on carpeting or embedded hair on beds or other upholstery.