Black & Decker Pivot Dustbuster PV1825N-GB Review 2021

The Black & Decker Pivot Dustbuster is a flexible handheld vacuum, aimed at cleaning those hard to reach spots.

Black & Decker Pivot Dustbuster PV1825N-GB Review

Lightweight, flexible head means you can hoover at practically any angle. Decent build quality too.None to mention – just remember to charge the vacuum prior to use.

Our Black & Decker Pivot Dustbuster PV1825N-GB Vacuum Review

Electrolux Z61A Vacuum

Electrolux Z61A Vacuum


Finished in a sleek blue and silver exterior, the Black & Decker Pivot Dustbuster is a unique handheld vacuum cleaner.  It’s powered by an 18v battery, and delivers an incredibly powerful suction, especially considering this is a rechargeable lightweight handheld hoover.  The main selling point is the adjustable pivoting head – which enables you to set the vacuum angle in 8 different positions, giving you a 200 degree range.  This is ideal for when vacuuming awkward or hard to reach areas – no longer will you have to stretch or adjust your body into an uncomfortable position – simply set the vacuum to the desired angle instead.

In terms of portability, the Pivot Dustbuster is great – small enough to fit into tiny spaces, and lightweight at just 1.6kg.  Storage is simple enough – it simply folds up, and emptying the dust container only takes a handful of seconds.  Overall capacity is 500ml, which is quite large for a handheld – our testers were impressed.

In terms of performance, as you’d expect from Black & Decker, it’s powerful, yet runs fairly silently.  It sucked up all of the various dirt samples we tested it on, and battery life is pretty good for a handheld.

Overall, our testers really liked the Pivot Dustbuster PV1825N-GB – small and lightweight enough to be portable, yet powerful enough to make a difference.

Our Verdict for the Black & Decker Pivot Dustbuster PV1825N-GB Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re after a versatile and flexible handheld vacuum cleaner, then the 18v Black & Decker Pivot Dustbuster (PV1825N-GB) is well worth looking at – it looks sleek, is very lightweight at just 1.6kg, and has a decent level of suction.  The adjustable head is the main selling point, enabling you to reach and clean those awkward areas in your house.  Ideal for hoovering the bits your normal vacuum cleaner can’t reach – the Pivot Dustbuster comes highly recommended by us.

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Electrolux Z61A Vacuum

Electrolux Z61A Vacuum


  • The 200 degree angle pivoting head enable you to reach areas previously inaccessible with a regular hoover
  • The Built in Cyclonic spin action moves the dirt and dust away from the hoover filter to help improve suction
  • The 18 volt battery delivers a high level of suction power and performance
  • Overall, it’s been redesigned to be smaller, quieter and easier to clean than original Black & Decker Dustbuster Pivot
  • The Transparent, bagless dirt container is easy to empty and clean
  • 18V of power makes this Black & Decker’s most powerful hand vacuum cleaner!
  • The Patented nozzle design pivots 200 degrees to access awkward areas from any angle – ideal for cobwebs and furniture
  • The nozzle has 8 different settings; giving a huge level of flexibility for when cleaning hard to reach and awkward areas
  • The Dustbuster Pivot model includes the patent pending ‘motor in filter’ design
  • The filter is automatic cleaning and prevents clogging; helping to provide optimum performance.
  • The dust container holds 40% more dirt and dust that the original Dustbuster Pivot vacuum cleaner
  • The dirt bowl is removable, washable and filters for easy, and safe clean up.
  • The DustBuster Pivot folds in half for compact charging and storage.
  • Blue LED mains charging indicator.
  • Finished in silver and vblue, it looks sleek and expensive.
  • 18V Internal Battery included
  • Mains Charger
  • Accessories included: a Crevice tool and a Soft Brush
  • Voltage : 18 V
  • Power (Air Watts) : 35 W
  • Overall Suction Power : 640 mm/Water
  • Air Flow : 1080 l/min
  • Dustbowl Capacity : 500 ml (half a litre)
  • 12 minutes Run time
  • 16 Hours First Time Charge
  • Exhaust filter
  • Filter cleaning wheel
  • Blue Titanium & Silver exterior


Manufacturer: Black & Decker
Model: Pivot Dustbuster PV1825N-GB
Capacity: 0.5 litres
Style: handheld
Type: bagless
Power Source: Battery
Power: 35w
Voltage: 18v
Cord Type: cordless
Cord Length: n/a
Colour: silver
Power Settings: 1
Weight: 1.6kg
Dimensions: handheld sized
Extras: 18V Internal Battery, Charger, Crevice tool & Soft Brush
Our Rating: