Black & Decker DV7210N Review 2020

The deep blue and white Black & Decker DV7210N is a reasonably priced lightweight and compact handheld vacuum cleaner, with a 10 minute run time and considerable capacity.

Black & Decker DV7210N Review

Lightweight, powerful cyclonic suction, easy to handle and perfect for a quick tidy up.Probably won’t replace your main vacuum, but ideal for those awkward to reach spots.

Our Black & Decker DV7210N Vacuum Review

Looking for a lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner?  As part of their ever expanding dustbuster range, Black & Decker have produced the DV7210N, a 14 air watt vacuum which provides 10 minutes worth of usage from a single charge, as well as a generous 0.6 litre capacity. It weighs a mere 1.13kg, and the 7.2v motor keeps a strong suction via the cyclonic action.  The extended nozzle section enables you to reach areas which are inaccessible with the majority of larger vacuum cleaners, and overall it seems to be the perfect pairing to your main vacuum.

The DV7210N is aimed at interior and dry use only, and it’s lightweight and compact shell makes it ideal for dealing with smaller jobs around the house.  Vacuuming the stairs can be cumbersome and dangerous when working with a larger vacuum cleaner which features a power cord – however the same task can be completed faster and easier with the handheld Black & Decker DV7210N.  You soon notice the difference in weight and effort required between this model and a standard cylinder or upright vacuum – it is so much easier to use when vacuuming furniture and other tight spaces.  At this point we should mention that the DV7210N is probably not designed to replace your main vacuum cleaner, as it will be a fairly drawn out process if you try and vacuum large areas of carpet with this handheld model.  However for the smaller and more localised jobs, such as spillages, pet hair, and using in place of a dustpan and brush, it truly excels.  The motor is surprisingly powerful, and removes visible dirt and dust with ease.  Upon finishing using, you simply put it back on charge ready for use next time you require it.  Overall vacuuming time is around 10 minutes per charge, but this is more than adequate considering in reality you will only be using it for short bursts. The dust container is simple to empty, and is built from transparent material for easy viewing.

We tested this vacuum in four different households over a period of seven to ten days in each, and all of our testers found it benefitted them.  Essentially it saves you a little time and effort for each occasion you take our your main vacuum, which overall mounts up to quite a lot.  It works really well at it’s designed purpose, and although it won’t replace your main vacuum, it will certainly make your life a little easier, and your home that little bit neater.

Our Verdict for the Black & Decker DV7210N Vacuum Cleaner

The Black & Decker DV7210N Dustbuster is the perfect accompaniment to your regular vacuum cleaner, and will make short work of your stairs, furniture, upholstery and other difficult to vacuum areas.  It saves time, is simple to operate, and will make your life that little bit easier.  At the current RRP, it’s a bargain, our test team loved it!

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  • 7.2 volt battery powered with a unique dustbuster cyclonic dust collection
  • Extended nozzle for access awkward to reach areas and direct it for accuracy
  • Quick and easy to maintain dust container
  • Translucent bowl to show when the dust bowl needs emptying
  • Built in Filter in motor provides a compact and lightweight design
  • 360 degree charging base
  • For use on dry vacuuming
  • Complete with a brush on nose for removing ingrained dirt
  • 14 air watts of power
  • cyclonic air flow system to avoid loss of suction
  • 10 minute run time between charges
  • overall weight of 1.13kg


Manufacturer: Black & Decker
Model: DV7210N
Capacity: 0.6 litres
Style: handheld
Type: bagless
Power Source: Battery
Power: 14w
Voltage: 7v
Cord Type: cordless
Cord Length: n/a
Colour: blue
Power Settings: 1
Weight: 1.13kg
Dimensions: 35.8cm by 20.4cm by 14.2cm
Extras: extended nozzle, 360 degree charging base and brush on nose
Our Rating: